“Cars” Returns with New Film and Characters

The animated racing gang of “Cars” is making a return to the big screen in “Cars 3” but this time around they have a new member of the crew – Cruz Ramirez – to lend a hand to “old timer” Lightning McQueen.

“Cars 3” features an older Lightning McQueen and Cruz shows up to “teach the old dog some new tricks” and help him to compete in the new high tech racing world.

Owen Wilson returns to give a voice to Lightning; Bonnie Hunt voices Sally Carrera, Larry the Cable Guy returns as Mater, and Cheech plays Ramone.

“Jackson Storm is the face of these rookies who have come onto the scene,” says Brian Fee.

The voices for Jackson and Cruz have yet to be cast. The only thing known for sure is that Cruz is a female Latina.

“Cars” and “Cars 2” director John Lasseter steps down for the new film and Brian Fee steps in to direct the new sequel.

Capturing the popularity of auto racing in the United States, the new sequel will take place in some of America’s historical racing sites. Director Brian Fee said, “this movie is a love letter to racing and the American way. We’re inspired by the Americana you see traveling through the South where every small town has a dirt track.”

“Cars 3” is expected to be in theaters in June 2017.

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