Chameleon Color Tone Pens – Alcohol Based Markers That Produce Multiple Tones

Chameleon pens

Alcohol markers have been used by artists and crafters for many years, but many find creating seamless blends, color graduations and transitions a little difficult, and sometimes messy. Which is exactly why inventory Terry Bolton created Chameleon pens, and they are taking the art and crafting world by storm.

As an artist himself, Bolton knows that the foundation of good artwork is color tones because they help to bring dimension and depth to a picture. He also believed that multiple tonal variations were hidden in every marker just waiting to get out and wanted to create a pen that wasn’t limited to a single color. This would essentially eliminate the need for using a lot of different pens to create beautiful pictures.

The team at Chameleon worked on these ideas for about three years before releasing their line of Chameleon pens. The simple patented system allows users to create seamless blends using one pen instead of three, four or more.

The original set consists of 20 colors that allow users to go up and down the entire spectrum. The set also includes a black detail pen and colorless pen for blending and toning. Chameleon pens are also available in single and 5 pen sets, with ink refills and nibs sold separately. Chameleon has recently released 30 more pens including sets of nature, floral, warm and skin tones plus blues and grays.

All Chameleon pens are double ended with a bullet nib and a Japanese brush nib, they are all refillable and the nibs can be replaced when needed. They are permanent on almost all surfaces, non-toxic and have a very low odor, which makes them ideal for all types of arts and crafts.

With the current adult coloring book craze and the release of many coloring books designed especially for alcohol pens (which often bleed through regular coloring book paper), Chameleon pens are becoming increasingly popular with many different types of users.

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