Showtime’s ‘Shameless’ Is Coming Back 3 Months Early!

Fans of the hit Showtime series, Shameless got good news today.  The drama/comedy show that usually airs from January to April will be coming back early this year, according to Variety.  The 7th season of Shameless will start on October 2, 2016, Sunday at 9 PM EST.


Shameless fans have gotten used to having to wait until January each year to get their fix of the crazy Gallagher family so it is quite a surprise to find out that it will be airing for the second time in the same year. Of course, people are going wild with excitement knowing that they will get to see what is going on with Fiona, Lip, Ian, Frank, and the rest of the Gallagher family and friends.

Fans are already anticipating what will come in the 7th season of Shameless. Will Mickey get out of jail? Will Sheila come back? Will Fiona be single this season? Will Debbie lose the baby? Will Lip go to rehab and deal with his drinking? Will Ian stay with his new boyfriend? And most importantly, did Frank survive what they did to him at the end of last season?

The early release of season 7 also means that Shameless will be competing with the AMC hit series, The Walking Dead.

Why did Showtime choose to premier season 7 of Shameless so early? Fans are a little worried that this might mean that it is the last season.  Other Showtime shows, like Weeds, had earlier season premiers when it was their last season so fans are concerned that this might be the case here, as well. So far there has been no news of Shameless being renewed for an 8th season so fans will just have to wait and see!

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