Cold-Blooded Attitude Displayed by East Cleveland Serial Killer

While the imposition of a death sentence remains a controversial topic for many, the families of Michael Madison’s three victims had no qualms about accepting that pronouncement as evidenced in their victims’ family impact statements on Thursday, June 2, 2016.

Not only did Michael Madison, the convicted killer of three young women, seem unfazed by the victims’ family’s statements, but during Van Terry’s statement, Madison grinned. That grin seemed the final straw for Terry, father of 18-year-old victim Shirelida Terry, who only moments before had referred to Madison as a “clown” and was explaining to the court what the loss of his daughter meant to him. Terry lunged toward the defendant’s table, his momentum carrying him into the full gallery behind the defendant, narrowly missing Madison.

After the hearing, Van Terry’s sister, Sonya Richardson, explained her brother’s outburst in the courtroom, “He was upset. He’s telling you that he lost his baby, that’s a slice of his heaven, and (Madison) is sitting over there smiling. It’s like, enough.”

A spokesman for the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office, Joseph Frolik, issued a statement that Terry’s outburst would be reviewed for possible criminal charges against Terry.

Shirelida Terry’s mother, Belinda Minor, expressed her forgiveness of Madison for his actions during her impact statement. Shetisha Sheeley’s sister, Samara, provided a written victims’ impact statement to the court that read, “If you get injection, you take the easy way out. It’s a lose-lose situation here, and it makes me think selfishly. Thinking that your family will get to see you behind bars, makes me want to see you die.”

Angela Deskins’ mother, Marie Padgette, expressed her gratitude for the invoked death penalty to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty.

Michael Madison, 38, of East Cleveland, Ohio was convicted in May 2016 on a total of 13 counts in the murders and mutilation of the three victims’ bodies in the killings that occurred beginning October 2012 and ended in July 2013. In addition to Shirelida Terry, Shetisha Sheeley, 28 and Angela Deskins, 38 died at the hands of Madison. His convictions included kidnapping, rape and aggravated murder.

The women’s mutilated and decomposing remains were found in trash bags on Madison’s property in July 2013 when police investigated complaints of a “foul stench.”

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