Turn Your Arm into a Touchscreen with the Cicret Bracelet


Wearable technology is becoming increasingly popular, with many people using fitness trackers and smart watches. With that in mind, a Paris-based design company has come up with a new type of wearable tech that will allow users to view, and interact with their smartphone via a screen projected onto their wrist.

The Cicret bracelet connects to the user’s smartphone wirelessly and projects the phone’s screen onto the arm using a small “Pico projector”. When the user places their finger on the projected display, it interrupts one or more of the bracelet’s eight proximity sensors and the information is relayed to the processor, allowing the users to answer calls, scroll and do pretty much anything they would with the actual phone screen.

The bracelet will also feature a vibration module, an accelerometer and an LED for notifications. It will support both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and include a USB port. It’s expected to be available in both 16 and 32 GB models, in a wide range of colors and is currently still in the funding stage, with pre-orders expected to be open sometime in the fall of 2016.

This bracelet will also be waterproof and activated with a flick of the wrist. This means that users will be able to check emails, answer calls and do anything they would normally do with their smartphone even while taking a bath or shower (no more jumping out and drying off prematurely to answer that important call).

The device will work with both Android and Apple phones, but is designed to be a stand-alone device. Guillaume Pommier, Cicret’s founder has stated that the company plans to put a 3G card into the bracelet, allowing it to make and receive calls. He also stated that the device might use a technology that allows SIM information to be put into the hardware rather than the bracelet requiring a SIM card. However, as it’s still in development this could change.

The company has already developed a Cicret app, with a focus on privacy and anonymity. A company spokesman said that the app is a “secure and free solution for those who want to chat, share and exchange safely with no chance of being traceable”, and that it uses “encrypted technology to provide anonymity and full control over everything users share, even after sending”. A beta version of the app is currently available on Google Play.

Check out this video to find out more.

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