Fiddle Virtuoso Dave Swarbrick Dies

Fiddler Dave Swarbrick died June 3 at the age 75. No exact place or cause of death was given, but he had been dealing with emphysema for many years. Swarbrick made his home on Coventry.

Since the diagnosis, Swarbrick has had three tracheotomies, and received a double lung transplant in 2004. Prior to the transplant he had been seen performing on stage with an oxygen tank.

While he performed with a number of musicians, he is best known for his time as a member of Fairport Convention.

Considered one of the most influencial fiddle players in the world, Swarbrick has earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the BBC Folk Awards, and the Gold Badges from the British Society of Composers and Songwriters and the EFDSS. More than just a fiddle player, he was also a singer and songwriter.

He first performed with Fairport Convention in 1969. Swarbrick performed with a number of other artists including Martin Carthy, Simon Nicol, Alistair Hulett, Pete Hawes, A L Lloyd, the band Whippersnapper, the Ian Campbell Folk Group, and the Keith Hancock Band.

A native of London, Swarbrick is best known for his fiddle playing, but he got his musical start on the piano. He was born April 5, 1941.

He is survived by his wife Jill, children – Alex, Emily and Isobel, eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Albums that Dave Swarbrick has played on:
“Whaler Out of New Bedford”
“The Big Hewer”
“On the Edge”
“The Fight Game”
“The Travelling People”
“Ceildh at the Crown”
“Songs of Protest”
“This Is…”
“A Sailor’s Garland”
“Presenting the Ian Campbell Folk Group”
“Across the Hills”
“Farewell Nancy”
“Folksongs 1 & 2”
“Coaldust Ballads”
“Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick”
“Contemporary Campbells”
“Highland Songs”
“First Person”
“The Bird in the Bush”
“The Best of A Lloyd”
“Second Album”
“Byker Hill”
“Rags Reels and Airs”
Film Soundtrack from “Far from the Madding Crowd”
“But Two Came By”
“Sea Songs & Shanties”
“Ian Campbell and the Ian Campbell Fold Group”
“No Songs” EP
“Prince Heathen”
“The Circle Game”
“Sampler 1 & 2”
“Liege and Lief”
“You Can All Join In”
“Full House”
“Just Another Diamond Day”
“El Pea”
“The Lady and the Unicorn”
“Angel Delight”
“The Great Australian Legend”
“Selections” – a compilation album
“The Sun is Burning
“Babbacombe Lee”
“Fairport Convention Nine”
“A History of Fairport Convention”
“Rosin the Bow”
“The Electric Muse”
“Rising for the Moon”
“Fairport Live Convention (A Movable Feast in US)
“Stroll On”
“Ribbon of Stainless Steel”
“Adams Rib”
“Gottle O’Geer”
“Live at the LA Troubadour”
“Guitar, Vocal”
“The Transports”
“Swarbrick 2”
“The Bonny Bunch of Roses”
“Trippler’s Tales”
“The Ceilidh Album”
“Lift the lid and Listen”
Film soundtrack for “Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair”
“The Best of Irish Folk 1 & 2”
“Transatlantic – The Vintage Years”
“Farewell Farewell”
“40 Fold Favourites”
“Both Sides Then”
“Whatever Happened to Jousting?”
“Moat on th Ledge”
“Live at the White Bear”
“In the Club”
‘the Boot”
“Live in Uppsala”
“Close to the Wind”
“Who Knows Where the Time Goes” – box set
“From Past Archives”
“When the Battle is Over” – compilation
“lash Company”
“The Third Leg”
“The Best of Sandy Denny”
“Let it Bee”
“These Foolish Strings”
“Life and Limb”
“Live at Jackson’s Lane”
“100 Not Out” (video)
“25th Anniversary box set”
“Skin and Bone”
“Tanz und Folkfest Rudolstadt 1992”
“Watching the Dark”
“25th Anniversary Concert”
“The World is a Wonderful Place”
“Rhythm and Reds’
“The Classic A L Lloyd”
“The Old Bush Songs”
‘Troubadours of British Folk”
“Folk On 2 – Swarb’s 50th Birthday” (Live 1991)
“Saturday Johnny And Jimmy The Rat”
“New Electric Muse”
“The Cropredy Box”
“Jammin’ with Gypsy”
“Born Blue”
“Georgia on Our Mind”
“Birthday Party”
“The Cold Grey Light of Dawn”
“Close to the White Bear”
“Fiddlestix – The Best of Fairport 1972-1984” Australian Release
“Swarb Aid”
“Stroll on Revisited”
“Wake the Vaulted Echoes”
“Meet on the Ledge”
“Heart of England” – Teenage Cancer Trust Album
“Both Ears and the Tail” (Live 1966”
“60th Birtday Concert”
“the Carthy Chronicles” – box set
“Heart of England Vol 2” – Teenage Cancer Trust Album
“Another Palindrome – Cropredy 2002”
“Before the Moon” – Live in USA 1974
“Fairport Unconventional” – box set
“Edge of a Dream”
“Red Clydeside”
“Cecil Sharp Centenary Collection”
“Red Roots”
“Another Fine Mess” – Live 1984
“English Fiddler”
“Swarb! Forty Five Years of Folk’s Finest Fiddler” – box set
“Scrum-halfbricking” – Live in Derby 2003
“It Suits Me Well” – compilation
“Cropredy Capers” – box set
“A Boxful of Treasures” – box set
“Who Knows?” – Live in England 1975
“Many Ears to Please” – Live in Oslo 1975
“The Life and Music of Richard Thompson” – box set
“The Fairport Companion, or Loose Chippings from the Fairport Family Tree”
“Garden of Delights”
“Anthems in Eden”
“Scarborough Fair”
“Live and Kicking” – Live 2006
“Straws in the Wind”
“2007 Folk Awards”
“A Box of Pegg’s”
“In the Club”
“Raison d’etre”
“Walnut Creek”
“4Play Live 1976-79”

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