Puppy Dog Eyeliner From Korea- Will the Trend be Bigger than Classic Cat’s Eyes?

There’s a new trend coming from Korea that may be a bit of an eye opener. It’s called puppy dog eyes and when compared to  the classic cat eye- look it may be the new pet technique to watch for. Actually the cat eyeliner look with its little upswing at the end, has been popular forever and has been a fave of movie sirens from the beginning of talking pictures. It can even boast to dating back to the very early Egyptian times as seen on many-a-cave drawing. But Cleopatra may have to move over to make room for this new puppy dog eyeliner from Korea craze!

Puppy Dog Eyeliner From Korea

Puppy Dog Eyes

Fresh from Korea comes puppy-dog liner that can not only make the eyes look bigger but the look could melt your heart. It’s a bit of a down-turn from the classic cat’s eyeliner and is gaining popularity. Instead of that little upswing at the end of the eye as in the cat’s eye, the puppy dog eye-line brings the eye down in a more sad, take-me-home and give me some dog treats-look.

Allure magazine reports that Korean ladies are begging for the chance to try this new puppy liner look on. Charlotte Cho, of Soko Glam, after talking about the sultry-looking, winged, cat liner during an appearance on Amazon’s Style Code Live explains:

”But in Korea, they have something called a ‘puppy eye.’ It’s really simple: You’re trying to create a rounder, larger appearance of the eye and almost look a little doe-like. A little innocent. All you need to do is draw a line along the upper lash line and right when you’re about to the mid-point of the eye, instead of swooping it up like you do with the cat eye, you actually drop it down and follow the natural curve of the eye,” she says. “Then you do the lower lash, and you line along that lower lash line and connect it to the top line and it almost forms a tiny triangle, right in the corner of the eye, which creates a very puppy look.”

So who needs siren cats eyes, when now you can batt those big innocent-looking puppy eyes and win every argument.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot

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