Recap: ‘Ride With Norman Reedus’ Episode 1 [Spoilers]

It’s time!  Ride With Norman Reedus has finally started! His fans have been waiting for the first episode ever since The Walking Dead Season 6 came to an end.  It’s been several long months of having a minimal amount of Reedus material and now his fans are happy.

The first episode of Ride With Norman Reedus aired on AMC last night with beautiful scenery of the places that he’d be visiting over the course of 6 episodes.  Gorgeous landscapes floated over the screen as Norman talked what riding a motorcycle means to him.

Episode 1 of Ride With Norman Reedus began in Los Angeles where he found himself in his twenties and first got into acting and motorcycles. The plan is to see Roland Sands and then go meet up with Imogen Lehtonen.

Reedus and Sands meet at his shop and talk bikes.  Sands takes a good look over Norman’s Ducati and hops on to get a feel for it.  Reedus takes a tour of Sands shop, admiring bikes, talking about the qualities of various rides.  Sands lets Reedus pick a bike to use for their ride and choose a BMW.  Sands has been working with bikes and riding bikes for longer than he can remember likely and he’s definitely got some skills.  Once on the highway, he shows Reedus a few of his stunt moves, which Norman says he won’t be doing.

Once back at the shop, Norman Reedus says he’d like to ride the BMW motorcycle down the PHC and Sands says that’s fine with him.

So, Norman heads over to pick up Imogen at her shop.  She shows him around the cool shop that’s filled with all sorts of skeleton and biker jewelry and collectibles. She even picks out a skeleton ring just for him.

After their tour, they start out on their first leg of the trip.  Driving through Los Angeles, Reedus points out where the pizza joint where he got his start in acting used to be.  They are obviously comfortable together and they try to chat over the roar of the motorcycles but even with the microphones, it’s pretty much impossible.

They arrive at their stop for the night – a cool Airstream camper motel kind of place.  Each of them had their own refinished Airstream to stay in.

In the morning, they hit the road again.  Their destination is Pismo Beach. They travel past amazing views until they reach Pismo where they find a dune buggy rental place and decide that they need to check that out.  Norman leads the way and soon is roaring up and down sand dunes but Imogen gets stuck several times.


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They get back on the road until they come across this bizarre looking old house and decide that they need to see what is up with that.  They get off their bikes and meet Mike, the owner of Nitt Witt Ridge, named for its eccentric previous owner who was a bit of a playboy but never had kids. The house is literally decorated with garbage, including the old toilet seats used as picture frames. The plumbing runs all through the house in the form of handrails and there are clothes left behind by the previous owner.  After saying good night, Norman and Imogen leave to find their place to stay for the night.

The next morning they head off on their last leg of the trip.

They are headed to Santa Cruz where Norman is going to do a podcast but first, they make a quick stop at a place called Zero, where the owner creates electric motorcycles and dirt bikes. They get a tour of the shop (which Norman finds to be really quiet) and then check out a few bikes.  The owner takes them for a ride and they are shocked at how quiet the bikes are.  It’s like riding on ice, Norman says.  The bikes get up to some pretty decent speeds and they get to speed through the greenery of the forest.  They like the fact that Zero doesn’t say their bikes are better – just another option.

Before they leave, Norman stops to chat with a fan and listens to his story about his brother that passed away.  Reedus signs a piece of Boondock Saints memorabilia for the man, in memory of his brother who was a big fan of Norman’s

Finally, it is time for them to head to the Recycle Garage where Norman will be speaking on the Motorcycles and Misfits podcast.  He chats with the people at the Recycle Garage first, talking about their experiences with bikes.


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The podcast begins and they talk about the best types of motorcycle to have in a zombie apocalypse.  Norman raises his Zero hat and says an electronic bike would likely be best because zombies are attracted by noise and these things are very quiet.  The hosts of the podcast obviously love motorcycles and they have a few ideas of how he could pimp out his bike on The Walking Dead to make it more zombie unfriendly.

Finally, it is time to say goodbye and Imogen and Norman ride off into the sunset.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I love the show.  But then, I love motorcycles AND Norman Reedus.  And travel.  I think that if you come to the show with only a love of Norman Reedus, you might find it disappointing.  There actually have been some comments on Facebook groups and on Twitter that say exactly that.  These watchers are on there for Reedus and his sexy voice.  And that’s ok.

But if you do have a love of motorcycles and checking out new places, this is a docuseries that you’re going to enjoy.

I’m already looking forward to next week.

Did you watch? And if you did, what did you think? Sound off in the comments!


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