And the Big Brother 18 House Guests Are….

Yes! Finally, the house guests for the Big Brother 18 season have been released.  Well, most of them that is. There are 12 names on the list and usually there are 16 house guests so….is it safe to assume that there will be 4 house guests from previous seasons?

First, take a look at the 12 house guests that have been confirmed:

#1 Paul Abrahamian

He’s a 23 year old clothing designer from Tarzana, CA. He’s a thrill seeker that likes travelling, hiking, and going to concerts that have a good mosh pit.

#2 Corey Brooks

This 25 year old baseball coach is a people person from Dallax, TX.  He likes travelling, sports, and hanging out and meeting new people – especially if there’s food involved.

#3 Victor Arroyo

He’s a 25 year old resident of Slidell, LA and manages a gym.  Of course, he likes working out and his favorite sport is soccer.  He admits that he loves women and always wants more.

#4 Paulie Calafiore

This 27 year old Jersey boy lives in Howell and is a DJ.  Besides music, he loves exercise and the martial arts, in particular.

#5 Bronte D’Acquisto

She’s 26 years old and originally from San Diego, CA but currently lives in Denver, CO and goes to school.  She’s a math geek that stays in shape by running and cruising the mall.  And she loves dogs.

#6 Bridgette Dunning

She’s a 24 year old California girl that’s originally from Fresno but now lives in Ventura.  She works as a traveling nurse and stays calm by doing yoga, baking, and running. She bakes and hangs out with friends and loves live comedy.

#7 Zakiyah Evertte

Living in Charlotte, NC, this 24 year old preschool teacher loves everything to do with fashion and food. She loves dancing and being creative.

#8 Jozea Flores

He lives in Los Angeles, CA now but this 24 year old is originally from Bridgeton, NJ.  He’s now a make-up artist loves yoga, hiking, and going to the gym.

#9 Glenn Garcia

He was born in Bronx, NY and still lives there.  He’s 50 years old and a dog groomer, but he used to be a police detective.  When he’s not chilling with his daughter, he’s traveling or deep-sea fishing.

#10 Michelle Meyer

She’s a 23 year old nutritionist from Washington Township, MI. She loves to watch Live Feeds, workout and take pictures.  She sells stuff on eBay and loves Reddit.

#11 Natalie Negrotti

This 26 year old is originally from Venezuela, South America but now lives in Franklin Park, NJ.  She’s an event coordinator and she has lots of hobbies and activities to keep her busy including dating, cooking and baking, shopping, doing her hair and makeup, and did I mention shopping?

#12 Tiffany Rousso

At 32 years old, she now lives in Palm Beach Gardens, FL but is from West Palm Beach.  She’s a high school teacher that likes basketball, paddle boarding, and wakeboarding.  She also paints and sings and plays the guitar.

Familiar Names?

Do any of those names sound familiar to you? They should! Two of them are siblings of past Big Brother contestants.

Tiffany Rousso is the sister of BB17’s Vanessa Rousso who ran the show for most of the season but ended up in the jury instead of the final two.  Will Tiffany play with as hard of an edge as her sister?  I have to say, she doesn’t look as hard.  She actually looks like a pretty sweet girl.

Paulie Calafiore is the brother of Cody Calafiore of BB16, who came in second only to Derek.  Should be interesting.  The thing I’m wondering about is whether or not Paulie will play his own game or if he’ll take a lesson from his brother and latch on to someone really smart and follow their lead?

Who Is Missing?

It’s pretty obvious that this is not the complete house guest list.  Big Brother has never played a season with only 12 guests before. So who are the other guests?

It hasn’t been officially announced that the other guests are previous players but this is the consensus of opinion from Big Brother fans. It is safe to assume that these names – previous players or otherwise – will be kept a secret until the Big Brother premier.

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