‘Orange Is The New Black’ Releases Exclusive Preview on Snapchat

Orange Is The New Black is due to be released on Netflix tomorrow but if you can’t wait one more minute to have your fix, you need to have the Snapchat app because they released and exclusive preview today that you won’t want to miss!

The special Snapchat preview of Orange Is The New Black started with a montage of pictures and videos of what might happen if a contraband smartphone was found in the prison.  After all, contraband tends to get around and when one person has a phone, everyone wants to have a bit of fun with it.  Several of the inmates, including Alex, Piper, and others, take some fun selfies before the phone is found by Caputo.

Then, you just have to swipe up and you get some exclusive Orange Is The New Black preview fun.  And if this preview is any indication, things are going to really be wild this year!

It starts off with some of the women talking about their fun swimming. Lorna is wearing her wedding veil and trying to tell them about her wedding but the women are too excited about their adventure. Then, one of the new guards approaches.  His head is bandaged up. He takes Lorna’s veil and says he needs it to soak up all the blood.


Conversation changes to wondering what happened to Crazy Eyes. She hasn’t been seen since their adventure by the lake.

Red is trying to get into the kitchen but is stopped by a rather large new guard.  He tells her that they don’t deserve to eat after what happened at the lake.  Red calls for Caputo and the new guard prevents her from talking to him.  The new guard tells Caputo that he is there so that Caputo can do the important aspects of his job and that everything is under control.  Red is not happy about being denied access to Caputo and the kitchen.



The scene switches to Marisol, who is approached by one of the new inmates from the other side of the gate.  The new inmate is tough and has three teardrops at the corner of her left eye to signify that she has killed three people.  She mocks Marisol for her fake, non-tattooed tear drops.  But then she asks who is in charge.  Marison point to Piper, calling her cold.


Are you looking forward to Orange Is The New Black?  If you love the show stay tuned here for discussion and recaps!

[Photo sources: Snapchat]

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