Brexit Results: Gibraltar Results Released

The first results from the Brexit referendum have been released, and it is from the British territory Gibraltar. With an 84 percent turnout, the island voted almost wholly to stay in the EU.

A total of 19,322 voted to stay in the EU, with 823 voting to Leave, according to The Telegraph. This is a 96 percent of the turnout to vote to Remain.

There were speculations earlier today that Gibraltar being involved in the vote could reignite the battle between the UK and Spain over the island. It has been a contested territory, in a similar way to the way the Falklands is contested between the UK and Argentina. Gibraltar wants to remain with the UK, but also clearly mostly wants to remain with the EU.

Just after the announcement of the result, Nigel Farage spoke about the Leave campaign. He made it clear that he has not admitted defeat, despite his words earlier in the night.

Votes are still being counted around the United Kingdom. Sunderland in the north east of England is expected to release results next, and is expected to have a Brexit result. Some experts have predicted the result in that area to be 60-62 percent Leave. The final results are still expected to be a narrow win for Remain, with around 52-54 percent.

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