EU Referendum 2016: Nigel Farage Shares His Thoughts Just Moments After Polls Closing

Polls closed in the UK for the EU referendum at 10pm local time. The leader of UKIP and a strong Leave supporter Nigel Farage has already conceded defeat, despite no exit polls. The latest YouGov poll puts the Remain campaign just four points ahead.

It has been a long six weeks of debate in the United Kingdom, with devastating moments along the way. Those six weeks came to an end today when the people of the UK, including people in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar, voted to give their view. There were only two options on the voting slip: Leave or Remain.

The Daily Mail reports that Farage said just moments after the closing of the polls at 10pm that Remain had likely just won. Many on the Remain side believe they have done enough to see the UK people vote to stay in the EU, including Labour MP Chuka Umunna and Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.

Iain Duncan Smith stood on the Brexit side, and says that it isn’t over yet. The votes still need to be counted and it is still very close. The bookmakers certainly agree that it is still too close, still taking bets despite the voting ending.

YouGov predicts that the vote will end 52 percent Remain vs. 48 percent Leave. Ipsos-Mori puts the polls at 54 percent Remain vs. 46 percent Leave. Turnout is expected to be healthy, especially in certain areas. Gibraltar has already announced an 84 percent turnout.

There are questions over how the two sides will mend after this. It has been a heated debate, very similarly to the Scottish referendum in 2014. There were claims that the Scottish independence referendum was rigged in the end, and that has not escaped this EU referendum. Leave supporters were urged to take pens and use them on the ballot paper, as the pencil could be rubbed out.

The first set of results are expected to be Remain, with Brexit results being called in later. Counting will take place through the night, with results shared as they are determined. The actual result is not expected until 7am tomorrow.

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