Brexit Referendum Final Results: UK Votes to Leave the EU

The UK has spoken. Fifty-two percent of people voted to Leave the EU in the Brexit referendum. While England saw a majority of Leave votes, Scotland, Northern Ireland and London overwhelmingly wanted to Remain in, bringing up questions of another Scottish independence referendum.

More than 17 million people voted for a Brexit in the historic referendum on Thursday. The nation had taken to the polls to vote whether they wanted to stay in the EU or leave, after weeks of debate and heated discussions. After the collection of results, it was found that 52 percent voted to Leave, despite the final opinion polls saying that Remain would have it by 52 percent.

World markets have now reacted and the pound has fallen to a 30 year low, at $1.35 to the pound, according to The Telegraph. The value fluctuated throughout the night as results came through.

Northern Irish party Sinn Fein says that the UK now has no mandate to govern the country, due to the Northern Irish people voting to remain in, with England voting out. There are also arguments for Scotland to call another independence referendum. Nicola Sturgeon had already said that this would be a significant event that would allow for a second referendum.

The voting means people voted against the last 43 years of membership with the EU. There are now questions about what will happen next. The UK has two years to give notice and arrange treaties and agreements with the other 27 member states, in accordance with Article 50.

There are calls for David Cameron to resign. Nigel Farage says that the UK people need a Brexit government for the negotiations.

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