David Cameron Announces Resignation After Brexit Result

David Cameron has announced that he will resign after the Brexit result in yesterday’s referendum. He will not step down as prime minister right away, but will allow a new leader to negotiation the terms of leaving the EU.

The United Kingdom voted in favor of leaving the EU in Thursday’s referendum. A total of 52 percent of people voted Leave, as The Daily Voice News previously reported. Despite mixed opinions about whether he should, Cameron announced his resignation, saying that he was not the right person to negotiate the terms of leaving. He says that he would like the Conservatives to have a new leader by the party conference in October, and will help to deal with steadying the ship right now.

Cameron stated that he has informed the Queen of his decision to remain for now and resign later. He also says that the Brexit will not happen right away. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty now needs to be followed, allowing two years for negotiations with the remaining members of the EU. Cameron believes that the exit should take place, as the will of the British people “must be respected,” according to the BBC.

Other members of the EU may now consider their options to leave. Some of the Scandinavian countries are reportedly considering an exit and there are calls in France for a referendum on an exit from the EU. There are fears in many other countries that the people will want to see referendums in their countries and want to leave after the UK’s Brexit results.

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