Rachael Sage: A “Choreographic” Serenade at Babeville

In the midst of a tour to support her newest album release “Choreographic,” multi-talented artist Rachael Sage performed in Buffalo on June 14 at the 9th Ward in Babeville.

Rachael Sage

Independent music artist Ani DiFranco bought the old church at the corner of Delaware and Tupper streets and turned the location into an entertainment venue. The 9th Ward is an intimate venue located downstairs that offers performers the opportunity to get up close and personal with their fans.


Western New York artist Sarah Elizabeth opened the night of entertainment. Joined by bass player Tom, Sarah played the guitar and sang a set of original songs on her response to a wedding proposal, Love, a simpler life, and daily life including “Be Well,” “Yes,” “Carry Me Away,” “For Goodness Sake,” “Simple Again,” “Love” and “Enough.”

Sarah Elizabeth

Rachael took the stage with band members Kelly on violin and Andy on drums for a performance that featured music from her brand new album, songs from earlier album releases, and intimate conversations and stories about the music and her thoughts when creating that music. Over the course of the night Rachael played keyboards, acoustic guitar, and the kazoo as she performed her original music.

Rachael Sage 2

While trained as a dancer, Rachel’s newest album – her 12th album – centered around songs written specifically with dance in mind. Performing on a very small stage, Rachael did not do any dancing during her performance.

She did, however, give a musical performance that showed why she is a multi-award winning performer.

Rachael’s performance featured 14 songs – six from the new album, a spoken word poem, and a couple of impromptu make-the-lyrics-up as she went along ditties.


With feather boas hanging from her microphone stand and keyboard, Rachael performed “Lonely Streets,” “I Don’t Believe It,” “Try Try Try,” “Barbed Wire,” “Home,” “Heaven (is a Grocery Store Clerk),” “Trouble,” “Lorena,” “Unreality,” a spoken word poem, “Pride,” “What If,” a medley of “Brave Dancing” and “Hit Song,” “I’ve Been Waiting,” and she ended the night with “Hey Man.”

Throughout the show, Kelly’s violin playing was haunting and hypnotic. It is easy to understand why Rachael added her to the performance. Drummer Andy Mac – a native of western New York – offered up percussion that was an asset and enhancement to the performance without overwhelming it or drowning out the girls.

Overall it was a night that passed by all too quickly and ended far too soon.


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