Wunderbrow, Semi-permanent Eyebrow Gel Getting Rave Reviews

Wunderbrow, the new semi-permanent eyebrow gel is getting rave reviews! In her article on allure.com, Associate Editor Renee Jacques gives us her take on this new eyebrow product. The Wunderbrow advertising tells us it’s waterproof, budge-proof and transfer- proof!

Wunderbrow getting rave reviews

Wunderbrow -New Semi-Permanent Brow Gel

This all translates to the product pretty much staying put and not transferring to your pillow or any family members or love interests. When Renee Jacques tested the product’s longevity she was duly impressed because in her case, it lasted almost two full days with only a minimal amount of fading, even after sweating it out in the gym. And she even had a shower in the interim!

So what’s in this “wonder” product that is raising eyebrows to a new semi-permanent level? The product description relates that Wunderbrow is an exclusive formula that contains hair-like fibres mixed with specially treated pigments designed to fasten onto skin and hair. Renee had to scrub with make up remover for awhile to get it all off but there is a special eyebrow gel remover (of course) from Wunderbrow to help with the process.

The application is fairly easy according to Renee who said when she looked at the applicator kit she did find it a little daunting. “…but ultimately it took less than a minute to get both of my brows ready for the world. All you have to do is swipe the gel over your brows (it helps that I already have a faint outline of my previous tattoo to serve as a stencil) and use the spoolie to even out the gel and make it look more natural”

Another review from Gemma Cartwright in her article on popsugar co.uk says, “One of the big claims of Wunderbrow is that it will last days, not just hours. Is this true? Well, if you don’t wash your face, yes! If you use an oil or foam cleanser and rub at your brows, it comes off like all makeup will. But for the sake of research I did try a micellar water cleanse one night, avoiding the brows as best I could. The following morning they still looked good.” However, Gemma recommends the use of a stiff angled brush rather than the built-in one provided, “unless you have very dark and thick brows”. She explains that the brush they give you picks up too much of the product at once, making it go on a little too heavy for her tastes.

Both reviews warned about the product going on a little too dark. Renee also recommended using a “light touch” when applying. Wunderbrow comes in four expressive shades: Black/Brown, Auburn, Blonde, and Brunette.

Featured Image Twitter Source: https://twitter.com/WunderBrow/status/750373808939335680

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