Theresa May Becomes New UK Prime Minister: Complete Shakeup of Cabinet

David Cameron has now officially stepped down as acting Prime Minister for the UK, and Theresa May took over the reins on Wednesday. Her first step was to shuffle the cabinet, with leader of the EU referendum Brexit campaign now getting a position.

Johnson has been confirmed as Foreign Secretary, a position previously held by Philip Hammond, according to BBC. Hammond has been moved to George Osborne’s previous role of Chancellor. Amber Rudd has also been moved from Energy Secretary to Home Secretary, and David Davis has the new role of Brexit Minister.

May has said that while she was on the side of Remain during the referendum, she will lead the UK through the exit from the EU. The country had voted 52 percent to leave the union, although there are calls from the British public to have a second referendum due to relative low turnout (low 70 percent) and such a close vote.

The new Prime Minister, who is only the second female British Prime Minister, won the vote to be leader of the Conservative Party by default, when everyone running against her dropped out. She has promised that the party is no longer for the privileged few, saying those who work around the clock or just manage in day-to-day needs will have more control.

One of the only ministers to keep his original cabinet position is Michael Fallon, who will remain as Defence Secretary. Liam Fox has now been promoted to International Trade Minister, after resigning from his position as Defence Secretary five years ago.

Many of the bigger jobs in the cabinet have been given to Brexit supporters in the party. Cameron had previously said that he would resign due to not being the right person to lead Britain through the Brexit, as he fully supported the Remain campaign.

Not all the cabinet positions have been announced yet. More to come when they have been.

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