State Department: Influencing Israeli Election Using American Tax Dollars

Rumors that USA President Barack Obama attempted to influence Israeli elections in March 2015 have just been substantiated by the State Department. Obama’s antagonism toward Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has never been a secret, and now there is evidence that his administration may have actually tried to affect the outcome of Israel’s last elections, or at least did nothing to stop that activity.

According to Ynetnews, the State Department transferred just under $350,000 to an Israeli organization One Voice. One Voice was established to engage in activities to promote peace between Israelis and the Palestinian Arabs. Once the grant period had expired, however, and shortly after Netanyahu announced new elections, information acquired by One Voice was funneled to Victory 15 (V-15), an NGO associated with One Voice. V-15 was set up solely for the purpose of defeating Netanyahu’s bid to win the election.

According to Fox News, Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), chairman of the bi-partisan committee that investigated the issue, was concerned that the USA was involved in attempting to affect the outcome of the elections of an American ally.

“The United States should not be engaged in that kind of activity with taxpayer dollars,” he said. “What it did probably was to make it even more difficult to come together after the election and continue to build on the relationship between Israel and the United States.”

World Israel News describes some of the findings arising from the investigation. It is not clear whether or not funds were directly used by V-15 and, therefore, it does not seem that there was any illegal activity involved. However, databases accrued by One Voice using funds provided by the State Department were handed over to V-15. Voter information was contained in the database. Furthermore, offices used by One Voice were subsequently used by V-15.


In a report reminiscent of accusations against Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, The Washington Free Beacon has found that State Department emails were apparently deleted.

One source with intimate knowledge of the situation told the Free Beacon that the deletion of these emails is highly suspicious given the seriousness of the claims about the administration’s behavior.

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