The Bachelorette Hometown Dates July 18, 2016: Who JoJo Kept

On the June 18, 2016 episode of The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher, JoJo and visited the hometowns and families of the four remaining men.  The finalists who received hometown dates were Chase, Jordan, Luke and Robby.  There is always a bit of drama and a few surprises whenever the Bachelor or Bachelorette has the opportunity to see their finalists in their hometowns and this week was no exception.

See the full recap of the show later in this article, as well as the list of men who received roses this week … and those who did not.

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The Bachelorette Recap July 18, 2016:

This week, JoJo went to visit the hometowns and meet the families of each of the bachelors.  What better way to get to know a potential husband than see how he is when he is around his family?

ABC released their own brief synopsis of this episode:  “JoJo goes on hometown dates with the four remaining bachelors. First, she visits a family who has been affected by divorce. Next, she visits a suitor’s high school and learns he’s not as confident as he seems. Gossip surrounds one guy; and one bachelor takes her to an old-fashioned barbecue. At the rose ceremony, JoJo is blindsided by a surprise confession from one of the men.”

The first hometown date is with Chase McNary and starts off on a snow covered cliff near Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  He tells her that his parents have been in a messy divorce and she will be meeting them separately.  First, he takes her to see his lovely home, which impresses JoJo.  (Remember, she actually has a career as a home builder, waiting her back in Dallas.)   Chase’s father shows up and the two men indicate that they have not seen each other for quite some time.  Like many parents, Chase’s father is worried that his son will end up heartbroken.  Chase insists that he wants to marry JoJo.

Next, JoJo meets the rest of the family … Chase’s mother, step-dad, sister and her family.  Sandy, Chase’s mother, talks to JoJo privately, telling her that she just wants her son to be happy.  Chase’s mother then talks to her son to make sure he is ready to propose.  He convinces her that he is.  When Chase walks JoJo to her car and says good-bye, he tells her that he is falling in love with her.

The second hometown date is in Chico, California where she meets the family of Jordan Rodgers.  The couple meets in a pretty park, followed by a trip to see the high school which Jordan attended.  He introduces her to some of the staff, including his JV football coach.  JoJo sees a picture of Jordon’s brother, Aaron, hanging on the wall, which is a bit awkward, since Jordan and Aaron do not have a close relationship and have not even spoken to each other in nearly two years.  JoJo asks about the problem between the two men, but Jordan does not want to talk about it.

JoJo is nervous about meeting Jordan’s parents, since the only other girl he has introduced to them was his ex-girlfriend, almost two years ago.  When they reach the house, she meets his parents, Ed and Darla, as well as his older brother Luke and his girlfriend.  Aaron is not there.  The family shares stories about Jordan when he was a little boy … including the times he threatened to run away from home.

After the family members have met JoJo, Luke says he just wants his brother to be happy.  Ed has his doubts about Jordan meeting someone on a television show, but is otherwise comfortable with their relationship.  Jordan’s mom seems thrilled.

At the end of the evening, Jordan walks JoJo to the car and tells her he loves her, again.  The last person to tell her that was Ben Higgins, who broke her heart.  This makes her a bit nervous.

The third hometown date is with Robby Hayes in St. Augustine, Florida.  They take a romantic horse and buggy ride around his town before going to lunch.  She confesses that she is worried about the fact that he just broke up with his ex-girlfriend about three months ago.  Robby assures her that he is ready to settle down with JoJo.

Robby then takes JoJo to meet his family.  After dinner, JoJo talks to his mother, Holly, and tells her that she is worried about the ex-girlfriend.  Holly tells JoJo that if her son wants to be with JoJo, he will marry her, no matter what happened in the past.  JoJo seems happy to hear that and tells Holly that she is falling in love with Robby.  Later, Holly takes Robby aside and tells him that the ex-girlfriend’s roommate, Alex, has been gossiping to the media.  She has been telling everyone that he dumped his ex just so he could be on The Bachelorette.  This really upsets Robby, because he knows that JoJo is already worried about the ex-girlfriend.

Robby shares this unwelcome news with JoJo and, naturally, she is upset about the rumors.  Robby promises her that they are all lies and he has not even spoken to his ex since last December.  The two of them seem to get past it and Robby walks JoJo to her car and kisses her goodbye.

On the last hometown date, JoJo gets to return to her home state of Texas and meet Luke Pell’s family in the town of Burnet.  He gives her a tour of his town then takes her to a cook-out at his parent’s house.  When they arrive, there are over 50 people there!  This is somewhat awkward at first, but eventually it gives her an opportunity to meet most of Luke’s friends and family members.  Luke tells his dad that he is in love with JoJo.  His Dad tells him that no matter what happens, his family will love and support him.  After the cookout, the couple goes horseback riding together, followed by candles and dancing … a beautiful end to the evening.

JoJo and all four of the men head back to Los Angeles for the rose ceremony … which is held in front of a private jet that is supposed to whisk JoJo and the last few guys to their next destination. She is upset at the idea of sending someone home, has a meltdown and starts crying that she doesn’t know who to send home.

The show leaves us hanging for another week, unsure whether or not she sends anyone home!

To be continued …

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The Men Who Were Kept by Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher:




Robert “Robby”
The Man Sent Home by Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher:

JoJo left viewers hanging at the end of the evening, unsure whether anyone was sent home.  We’ll have to wait until next week to be sure!

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