Kansas City Police Captain Killed

Kansas City Police Captain Robert “Dave” Melton has died from gunshot wounds sustained during a shooting earlier on Tuesday. Capt. Melton was fatally shot when he responded to a call about a drive-by shooting. Melton was alone when he tried to pull the car over.

Kansas City Police Capt. Robert Melton was shot at 22nd and Haskell in Kansas City, Kansas on Tuesday afternoon. He was pronounced dead at 2:55 p.m. One suspect has been taken into police custody and another person has been detained in connection to the shooting. Police say they are still looking for one more suspect. The incident began about 1:33 p.m. when police received a call about an armed disturbance at an apartment complex, Juniper Gardens, at Second Street and Edgerton Drive. The caller told police that several people in a car were firing shots at them, according to a statement from the Kansas City Police Department. Back up officers that arrived within minutes witnessed three or four people running away from the car.

Captain Melton is the second Kansas City police officer shot and killed in the past two months. Kansas City Police detective Brad Lancaster was shot and killed on May 9 near the Kansas Speedway. Captain Melton was a member of the honor guard at Det. Lancaster’s funeral in May. Law enforcement agencies in large cities across the country have been on high alert since last week’s deadly shooting that killed 5 police officers during a Black Lives Matter rally in downtown Dallas. The shooter, identified as U.S. Army veteran Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, told negotiators he wanted to kill police officers, especially white officers before he was killed by a police bomb robot.

In an open letter released on Tuesday by the White House to the nation’s law enforcement officers, President Barack Obama told police officers the nation will get through the recent attacks on police officers, and that overcoming will also require resilience, the grace of loved ones and the good will of activists. The letter is dated Monday, the day after two police officers and a sheriff’s deputy were killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after being targeted by a lone gunman.

“Any attack on police is an unjustified attack on all of us,” the president wrote.

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