Cruz booed off stage at RNC, did not endorse Donald Trump

Wednesday, July 2016
Republican leaders are angry this morning with one of their own after an evening at the RNC that was anything but predictable. By the end of the evening, Republicans such as Roger Stone, Governor Chris Christie, (R-NJ) and Indiana Senator Dan Coates had harsh words for the one-time candidate for President. Stone said of Cruz, that Cruz is a “dumb son of a bitch” and a “despicable human being.” Christie said of Cruz’s speech” I just think it was an awful performance by someone who showed himself tonight to not be a man of his word.’ Coates tore into Cruz too, saying that “Sen. Cruz tried to destroy the Republican party tonight just like he’s tried to destroy the Republican caucus.”

Once again, the news out of the Republican National convention is not what Donald Trump’s campaign would have wanted viewers and delegates talking about the morning after day three evening’s speakers. The focus should have been on the speech given by Trump’s running mate, Governor Mike Pence but instead the talk of the town is what Ted Cruz did not say in his speech before the convention,” I support the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump. “

The unity that the Republican Party had been looking for, wanting and demanding of the delegates at the Republican National Convention, was torn to pieces by, former Presidential candidate and Trump rival, Senator Ted Cruz, (R-TX). Appearing during prime time for viewers around the country, Cruz took to the podium, to congratulate Donald Trump for winning the Republican nomination, but did not endorse the nominee. Instead telling the delegates and those at home to “vote your conscience” and only mentioning Trump one time in his speech. As Cruz continued to speak but not endorse Trump the boos were deafening from floor with cheers of Trump, Trump, Trump. Then in a surreal moment, Donald Trump appeared in the arena, walking to his family box, which took all the attention away from Cruz and put the spotlight once again back on the nominee.
Cruz defied the pledge that all the nominees had agreed to, backing the Republican nominee no matter who won, and was booed by the delegates in the arena. As the crowd started heckling Cruz, chanting Trump, Trump, Trump, Cruz’s wife had to be escorted from the floor of the convention by security. Cruz, who spoke for more than 20 minutes appeared to an onlooker as an open rebellion by the conservative leader. The speech was more of a resume for a run in 2020 for President. The speech by Cruz even invoked a response from presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, who tweeted, vote your conscience.
For his part, Donald Trump said of the speech by the man he nicknamed, Lying Ted, that he had seen it about 2 hours beforehand but let Cruz speak the way he wanted to. Trump also took to twitter to say of Cruz, “”Wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage, didn’t honor the pledge! I saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. No big deal!”

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