‘The Walking Dead’ Premiere Trailer for Season 7 Just Released

Fans of The Walking Dead will be very excited to find out that the world premier trailer has just been released on Facebook and it does not disappoint!  The Walking Dead fan page did a live presentation of the trailer at 3:24 p.m. central time.

It’s was also uploaded to the AMC YouTube channel at about the same time.

Check out the video first:

Is your heart racing?

The video looks at the big question first – who did Negan kill?  Of course, the trailer video doesn’t really reveal anything.  For the most part it just makes fans more curious about which The Walking Dead character fell prey to Lucille.  At this point, all fans can really do is make a guess, but this trailer video for season 7 of The Walking Dead sure does make everyone anticipate the new season!

After that brutal build up, the trailer goes on to show us some of the things that we can look forward to in season 7.

Carol and Morgan are with The Kingdom, a group of people that are lead by King Ezekiel, who is played by Khary Payton.  And yes, just like in the comics, King Ezekiel does have a pet tiger!  Unfortunately, the tiger is not real. It is made very realistic looking though through animitronics and CGI.  This new story line does keep to the comics – so does that mean that Negan’s victim will stick to the comics, too, thus meaning that Glen will die?

TWD King Ezekial and Shiva

Credit: YouTube AMC Channel

Carol doesn’t seem to be doing well and her breakdown seems to have plummeted.  She’s seen with a uncharacteristic smile on her face saying, “I don’t know what the hell is going on in the most wonderful way.”  It’s rather scary actually.  Is she playing the dumb and under-skilled housewife that she’s been playing while at Alexandria in order to make the enemies think she is not a threat or has she actually lost  her marbles?

Negan is seen with one of the Alexandriaites, telling her, “You should know, there is no door number four. This is the only way.” What does that mean. What are doors 1, 2, and 3?

At the end, Tara and Heath, who had gone on a supply run just before season 6 ended, are revealed to still be alive.  Heath is killing walkers while Tara is hiding in a hole and then kills a walker (or maybe not a walker? She does use a gun and shoots and then hits it with the butt of the gun) with what appears to be a very personal vengeance.

One thing is for sure – Season 7 of The Walking Dead looks like it is going to keep up on the edge of our seats with a lot of twists and turns!

Did you see anything in the video that wasn’t mentioned?  If you did, please share in the comments!

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