Comic Con International in San Diego a Success

San Diego Comic Con International 2016 has come and gone, bringing over 100,000 people from around the world together for a smashing four-day event. This year’s Comic Con was held in the San Diego Convention Center and kicked off with a Preview Night Wednesday, July 20, which lead into the next four days worth of movie, TV, anime, and comic content.

During the convention, the whole building and various areas outside were filled with vendors, cosplayers, passionate fans, and many more. Autograph sessions, panels, new trailers, and promotional art also made their appearances this year.


Comic Con International By JT

SuperHeros and Television get Attention

To illustrate some of the material at the convention, Marvel and DC both had active roles. Marvel cinema was filled with new content, from information about the upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok in 2017 to a new trailer for its 2016 movie Doctor Strange. Meanwhile, DC released information and teaser trailers for its upcoming films such as Wonder Woman and Justice League.

Television also had a few moments in the spotlight, tormenting loyal fans with a new trailer for season seven of the hit show The Walking Dead, which will be airing in October, 2016. ABC’s series Once Upon A Time hinted at its plot and the fate of its characters for season six by releasing new casting choices for iconic characters Jafar and Aladdin. Once Upon A Time season six will premiere September, 2016.

Gamer and Loot Heaven

This year’s Comic Con had a place for gamers as well. The convention provided gameplay opportunities, information about upcoming video games, and items for passion-filled players. Some games featured included those of the Pokemon franchise, Dungeons and Dragons, Resident Evil, and dozens of others. Of course, anime-lovers and gamers from all around were playing the new gaming sensation, Pokemon Go on their cell phones.

For those interested in merchandise, there were plenty of posters, comic books, and toys to be found at the convention, featuring superheroes from the Marvel and DC universe, as well as Star Wars, anime, and other franchises. Even a Lego area was available for people to make their own Lego designs.

After several days of excitement for fans at the packed convention, it ended Sunday, July 24. For many, the upcoming year looks like a promising one, with dozens of new shows and games up ahead. With so much to look forward to, fans can hardly help but walk away reeling after such a long, media-filled event.

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