‘Arrow’ Season 5 Trailer Is Here: Glimpse of the New Team

The Arrow Season 5 trailer was released at San Diego Comic Con 2016, and fans got the first glimpse of the new team. Who will Oliver Queen bring onboard, and where will Diggle and Felicity be?

There will be a shift back to the start of Arrow this season. The story of Oliver’s five-year time period on the island will start to come to an end, so the show is doing a full circle. Prometheus, the big bad of the season, will be a non-superpowered evil, who was accidentally created by Oliver during Arrow Season 1.

Along with that, Oliver will need to introduce a new team, as Diggle steps away to go back to the miliary and Felicity takes a step back. One of those new trainees will be Curtis, who will take on the role of Arrow’s answer to The Flash’s Cisco. He will also decide to join the vigilante side, but his husband may have other things to say about that when he comes home with injuries.

Artemis will make an appearance on the show, who is otherwise known as Evelyn Sharp. She will be played again by Madison McLaughlin. Oliver decides she needs to refine her skills, but will he also suggest that she takes a step back from trying to mimic the Black Canary?

Felicity also suggests that Oliver takes on Wild Dog (a much scarier name, she believes). Rick Gonzalez is taking on the role, and his fighting skills are featured in the Arrow Season 5 trailer.

Arrow Oliver and Felicity

Katie Cassidy will return to the show, but the cast at the panel refused to say how. There are theories that she will return through flashbacks, as she has also signed on to The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

There will also be a major crossover event. Episode 8 will be the 100th episode of the show, and it is time for another crossover between Arrow’s two sister shows. Some fans will also want to see Supergirl added into the mix, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Arrow Katie Cassidy

Diggle will still appear in the show. David Ramsey’s character may start the season in the military, but he will return to being a vigilante. During Comic Con, he teased fans with a the love-hate story of his new helmet.

Thea is taking a step back from her vigilante days. She tells Oliver in the trailer that she can’t work with him, as he becomes the vigilante he needs to be. Instead, Willa Holland’s character will take over the day-to-day running of the mayoral office, as Oliver finds he can’t juggle both worlds. Will Starling City find out that Thea is really the one doing all the work?

Arrow Season 5 Trailer

Arrow Season 5 premieres on Wednesday, October 5, at 8p.m. on the CW.

All images from the YouTube clip above.

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