Apple Invests in Augmented Reality

At the quarterly Apple financial meeting Tuesday, July 26, CEO Tim Cook spoke to analysts about the company’s future and how it plans to invest in the creation of augmented reality (AR) apps due to increasing popularity.


Apple CEO Tim Cook/Flickr CC

Just in the last month, AR has become a huge hit in the form of the vastly popular Android app, Pokemon Go, which has made its company worth over $3 billion. According to Cook, Apple has been working with AR for some time now and will continue to move its products in this direction as long as AR’s future looks bright. He mentioned that he and the company see “great commercial opportunity” in the investment.

While the company has already worked with AR quite a bit for years, Apple has only now come out with its plan to implement this type of app and gaming experience as it gains interest among the worldwide fanbase. There is speculation, with the iPhone 7 coming out in the near future, that the new device will utilize AR technology for its programs and apps. Cook said at the meeting – even though he is not sure AR will be the new big platform – that it will still be “huge” for fans and developers.

Fun and Convenient Move to AR Technology

Another advantage of AR technology is that it is convenient for mobile devices. While other types of gaming and virtual reality keep people locked in one space, AR allows for a more “on the go” experience, as shown with apps like Pokemon Go.

Although Cook offered no date or product set in stone for Apple’s potential transformation, he hinted that AR technology in the company’s products would be soon to come. Only time will tell if Apple can make AR a success, but Cook was certainly optimistic in his claims: “We are high on AR in the long run.”

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