Blizzard sets World of Warcraft Legion Pre-launch Demon Hunters in Motion

Aug. 30 marks the release of World of Warcraft’s new expansion pack, Legion. However, according to Blizzard, customers who have pre-ordered the expansion will be able to use the game’s newest class as early as Aug. 9. Other events leading up to the xpac release are also in motion.

Enter the Demon Hunter


WoW Legion Expansion via Flickr CC

Along with the new areas, quests, and mounts that will be available upon Legion’s release, a new class will also become playable. This class, the demon hunter, will be a part of the pre-launch for those who have ordered the package ahead of time. Like all the classes, the demon hunter has its own special talents and abilities, including enhanced agility and a special kind of magic called Fel Magic. They also gain new skills at certain levels of gameplay.

The demon hunter is not the only feature to make an appearance as a part of the pre-launch. There are also a number of events taking place between now and the expansion pack’s release, such as Broken Shore quest chain and the opportunities for other in-game rewards. While players who have not pre-ordered Legion cannot use the demon hunters until the official release, many of these events, including many of the quests, are available to all players. One of the biggest events highlights a series of demon invasion scenarios through the coming few weeks that will allow players to slay demons as well as give new demon hunters a chance to discover their potential. The invasions will take place across six zones, becoming more frequent as the expansion release date draws closer. The areas where the invasions will appear are Azshara, Dun Morogh, Hillsbrad Foothills, Northern Barrens, Tanaris and Westfall, offering some fun for both Horde and Alliance factions.


Additional World of Warcraft Legion Events

In addition, for the duration of the pre-launch events Doomsayers will be placed throughout certain areas where players can pick up special pamphlets. In total, there are 12 pamphlets and those who collect them all will receive a reward. Someone might be whispering to you in Stormwind or Orgrimmar may start hearing whispering as part of the ominous Dark Whispers event. that makes ally players hostile and could turn you into a Dreadlord. Players can also go on extra quest chains that will only be available during the pre-launch period.

With fans everywhere waiting for Legion to release, Blizzard is packing its gaming world with so much new content for them to sink their teeth into including new zones just to the west of the Eastern Kingdoms. Although the events occurring between now and the release appear to be only a small sneak-peak into the future, the demon hunters and extra quests will be occupying many World of Warcraft players’ time for the next several weeks.

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