Is an Intervention in the Cards for Trump, Campaign?

Experts and even regular Joes all agree that this presidential campaign is unlike any other election in the United States history. Wednesday, Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, continued to bicker with a Gold Star family over his proposed ban of Muslims entering the United States, refused to endorse two of the Republican’s biggest stars in their re-elections and became the subject of “intervention” rumors to be conducted by members of his own party to “save his candidacy.” Meanwhile, new polls released show that Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, has increased her lead over Trump by double digits.

According to numerous news sites, Trump’s unpredictability has troubled the GOP so much, that high ranking Republicans, close to the Trump campaign, are organizing a sit down or an “intervention” to get Donald Trump focused back on the issues and reset his campaign. According to ABC News there is even a discussion with fellow Republicans as to what to do if Donald Trump were to drop out of the race for President. ABC reported that, “Trump hasn’t given any indication he no longer wants to be the Republican nominee, but the report said senior party officials are so frustrated and confused by his behavior of late that they are exploring how to replace him at the top of the GOP ballot if he did quit the race.”

NBC News reports that the intervention will be held with the help of Trump’s children, Republican National Committee head Reince Priebus, former Republican New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will speak to Trump with hopes of changing the political climate in his campaign. Yet, supporters of Trump, say an intervention is unnecessary as Trump needs to continue being Trump as he did in the primaries, which proved to be so successful. Trump, for his part said, “The campaign is doing really well. It’s never been so well united. It’s the best in terms of being united since we began. We are doing incredibly well.” Continuing Trump said “I think we have never been this united.”

Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign manager, stated he was unaware of any type of intervention with his candidate, and that these rumors were conjured up by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Manafort stated on Fox News that, “The campaign is focused and the campaign is moving forward in a positive way. The only need we have for an intervention is maybe with some media types who keep saying things that aren’t true.” It is a story that Manafort has told before, the media is at fault or a plan hatched by Hillary Clinton is damaging Trump. Manafort continued his diatribe that the campaign is going smoothly and “The campaign is in very good shape. We are organized. We are moving forward. The Clinton machine may not like it, but we are prepared for the fight.”

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