Chicago Police Warn of Potential Violence After Release of Video

August 05, 2016 Authorities warned of “civil unrest” and potential violence against police officers after the release of nine videos showing events leading up to the shooting of Paul O’Neal, 18, by Chicago police officers last week. The video shows Chicago police officers firing down the street at the car as it speeds away.

A total of nine videos were released on Friday from both body cameras and at least one dashboard camera. It is the city’s first release of video of a fatal police shooting under a new policy that calls for such material to be made public within 60 days. That and other policy changes represent an effort to restore public confidence in the department after video released last year showed a black teenager named Laquan McDonald getting shot 16 times by a white officer.

The videos show Chicago police officers chasing Paul O’Neal on foot as he runs from the vehicle and cornering him in a yard, where they handcuff him as he is pressed to the ground bleeding. Officers can be heard swearing at O’Neal as he lay immobile on the ground.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson stripped three of the officers of their police powers after a preliminary investigation concluded they had violated department policy. Johnson promised if any Chicago police officers acted improperly they would “be held accountable for their actions.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that in a summary of a conference call among intelligence officers of major police departments around the U.S. the Chicago deputy police chief is cited as advising other departments that the videos of the shooting were being released. A letter that contained the summary that was circulated among major police departments by Philadelphia Inspector Walt Smith, chairman of the Major Cities Chiefs Association intelligence commanders group said ““Chicago PD anticipates civil unrest.”

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