World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematics Reveal New Game Lore

Tuesday, Aug. 9 started off World of Warcraft’s major pre-launch event for its new expansion, Legion, which has introduced several new cinematics that relate to the game’s lore and characters.

The Story


WoW’s Lady Sylvanas/Image:

With Legion releasing in stores Aug. 30, Blizzard will be entertaining its fans for the next three weeks by distributing new content and quests for players. The start of the pre-launch has fans excited about the three new cinematics, each of which tells an important part of Legion’s story. The first two cinematics both depict the same story from a different perspective: one from the perspective of the Alliance, and one from that of the Horde. The third is a shorter one exclusively for Horde players who make it through their required quest.


The cinematics themselves all follow the epic battle as both sides fight to defeat a common enemy: the demons. They also place heavy emphasis on three important story characters: Varian, the Warchief of the Alliance, Vol’jin, leader of the Horde, and Sylvanas, Horde leader of the Forsaken. Find out in the video below what happens to Warchief Vol’jin (Spoiler Alert!).

The Broken Shore Quest Line

Along with the multiple demon invasions taking place over the course of the next few weeks as part of the pre-patch, the cinematics coincide with a quest line in the Broken Shore. This is a new zone, located in the Broken Isles. Although only players who have pre-ordered the expansion can obtain the new class, demon hunter, all players can join in on the demon invasions and the Broken Shore quests and scenario. The catch is that, to access the Broken Shore quests, players must be at least level 98 or higher.

Other pre-patch quest lines allow players to start them as early as level 10. Throughout the next few weeks, demon invasions will continue to plague the realm of Azeroth and become more frequent as the official day of release draws near. Fans will have to wait and see if any more of the story is revealed between now and then.




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