New Gmail Security Features Announced Against Malicious Software

This year, Google plans to add new security features to Gmail in order to increase the program’s safety and protect its users from phishing emails, malware, and other viruses online.

Internet Risks

The internet has become almost a necessity today in many people’s lives, with advanced technology being so common in society. However, the internet comes with risks, including scams and viruses that can catch unsuspecting victims with websites, emails, and social media. In the past, Google has striven to make browsing the web safer by warning users of potentially harmful content, and now this safety measure will be applied to Gmail as well.


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New Gmail Safety Measures

Google’s Safe Browsing protection will extend its security services to Gmail in order to help people avoid falling victim to malicious email senders. There are two main new features being put into place. The first includes alerting users with a question mark on any email sender whose authenticity cannot be identified. While not every email in this case is dangerous, having the appropriate knowledge will allow people to act safely. Luckily for mobile Gmail users, this feature also works for Android devices.


The other new feature protects against dangerous links. If a link within a message leads to a website suspected of scams or viruses, the security feature will show a warning to make the user aware of the risks. “We encourage you to be extra careful about replying to, or clicking on links in messages that you’re not sure about,” Google Apps Updates mentioned on their blog.


These two security updates should be available to all users within the span of the next two weeks. Like any security program, these new features will not be 100 percent effective, and ultimately it is up to the user to decide on the safety of online material. However, with the help of the security features, it is Google’s objective to make browsing and Gmail a safer, more pleasant experience for all people on the web.

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