Niantic Labs Bans Pokemon Go Cheaters

Niantic Labs, the creators of the gaming sensation Pokemon Go, finally put their foot down Aug. 12 by announcing that they plan to permanently ban cheaters from using the app.

Pokemon Go Cheats

Pokemon Go, aside from becoming wildly popular upon its release in July, is just like every other game, and as such, people will find some way to cheat their way through it. For many, this includes using other apps to find pokemon more easily, which was only the beginning of Pokemon Go cheating on a larger scale.


Players have also been using bots to change their location without actually changing their location, meaning that they can send their bots off to find pokemon with a fake GPS and never have to leave home. Bots have also been known to help players speed up the egg-hatching process and other actions in the game, making it easier than ever to reach the top in Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go/Image via flickr cc

Retaliation from Niantic Labs

It seems as though it is all fun and games. After all, many gamers hack their own games for experimentation and entertainment. However, Niantic Labs’ new permanent ban policy will no longer allow such activity in Pokemon Go. According to the Pokemon Go Support page on, “Falsifying your information, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokemon Go clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software” all go against the app’s service agreement, and anyone caught using any of these methods will have their game accounts permanently shut down.


It is still unknown how Niantic Labs will go about banning accounts and catching cheaters. However, in the case that an account is wrongfully terminated, the company has stated on its website that the player has the option to appeal it. Otherwise, in order to avoid the risk of getting shut down, players will simply have to go out and find pokemon on their own. According to the website, fairness in gaming is of high importance to the company.

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