On This Day in History: August 15

August 15 is given as the day that Macbeth became King of Scotland, but is also the day that he died. Here’s a look at events and birthdays from today in history.

1057: Death of Macbeth

MacbethOn this day in history, Macbeth was killed. The history of Macbeth isn’t concrete, but he is considered a cousin of Duncan I of Scotland, who he killed on August 14, 1047. There is uncertainty over Malcolm II’s daughters and whether Macbeth was a grandson. During his reign, he had become part of the battles in England by allowing Norman exiles into Scotland. However, an invasion from the English led to his death, as he was at least mortally wounded by Malcolm III. Some say he died at the time, and others say he died at Scone days later.

1914: Japan Issues Germany an Ultimatum

After  a request a week earlier from Britain to help, Japan issued a warning to Germany. An ultimatum was given: either German removes all ships from Japanese and Chinese waters or Japan attacks. Germany didn’t respond, so Japan declared war on August 23 and attacked. Britain also helped, despite the Battle of Britain continuing. The Germans were forced to surrender by November 7, and Japanese troops were able to return home.

1947: Pakistan and India Gain Independence

After 200 years of British rule, the Indian Independence Bill was created, and India and Pakistan were given Napoleonindependence. It would have come earlier, but there was strife between the Hindu population of India and the Muslim population of Pakistan. The Indians had to reluctantly accept the creation of Pakistan for the independence bill to be created.

Famous Birthdays on August 15

Military leader Napoleon Bonaparte—1769

Rob Roy novelist Sir Walter Scott—1771

Lawrence of Arabia (also known as T.E. Lawrence)—1888

Second African-American female congresswoman Maxine Waters—1938

Anne, Princess Royal of Britain—1950

Republican political strategist Ed Gillespie—1961

Veronica Mars writer Rob Thomas—1965

Pearl Harbour actor Ben Affleck—1972

The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence—1990


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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