Polls Show Clinton winning but Trump Can Make a Comeback Winning White House

Polls have repeatedly shown that the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton with a lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump but is it really over for the GOP nominee? Not by a long shot. As Trump has reshuffle his campaign personnel, he is proving that he is in it to win it. The past week has seen the new improved Trump who reads prepared speeches, expresses regret, although it wasn’t an apology and preparing for the Presidency by establishing roundtable discussions with expects in their given fields.

Although polls have Trump behind Clinton there is good news coming out of those who are registering to vote. According to Politico.com, “Republicans have continued gaining ground in recent months in voter registration in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Iowa, while the late surge in Democratic registrations relative to Republican registrations that occurred in battleground states during the final months of the 2012 election had not been replicated in numbers released in early August.”

For instance, in Pennsylvania, Democrats’ who are registered to vote has been reduced by one fifth since the 2012 election, with more than 85,000 former Democrats who have switched to become Republicans this year, almost three times the number of voters who made the opposite switch. The party switching has been quite strong in the areas of Pennsylvania that is called the Rust Belt. I other words, areas such as coal mining areas, former steel work areas, and other factory work areas. Coal mining in particular has been quite strong for Trump.

So what can Trump do to rebound? Trump has already started with some basics. He is finally putting money into television ads and is investing heavily in internet ads. Trump also needs to address the question of his temperament. Again, he has started to show maturity by using prepared speeches. He has been able to tap into the anger of voters with Washington. That anger has not subsided and if anything has only gotten stronger with the email scandal of Clinton’s and the questionable money that was paid to Iraq in exchange for hostages.

Trump can win in November but changing himself is not the answer according those who have been loyal to the campaign since day one. They want the humor, the anger and the insults, they want Trump to be Trump. For Trump to win the White House his supporters just want Trump, nothing more, nothing less.





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