Ryan Lochte Dropped From Four Sponsors After Rio 2016 Scandal

Speedo, Ralph Lauren and two other sponsors have announced that Ryan Lochte has been dropped after the Rio 2016 scandal. The USA swimmer admitted he had “embellished” the truth about the robbery that took place during the Olympic Games.

Lochte was caught in the middle of a scandal after accusing police officers of robbing him and three teammates at gunpoint. When police found problems in the story, a court ordered the seizing of Lochte’s passport. It soon became clear that the 12-time Olympic gold medalist had lied about the account.

Despite apologizing for his decision to embellish the accounts of the night, four sponsors have decided to drop him. Speedo is the biggest of the four, saying that his behavior could not be condoned. Lochte respects the company’s decision, and says he is “grateful for the opportunities” the company afforded him over the years.

According to Ralph Lauren, that sponsorship was only for the Olympics. It would not be renewed after the events. However, the designer brand has said that the rest of the US Olympic and Paralympic teams would be supported.

Airweave took to Twitter to share that it would also join the ranks in the sponsors dropping the swimmer. Syneron Candela has also confirmed that the swimmer has been dropped as its spokesman for the Gentle Hair Removal brand.

The lesson here is that no matter how the career, lying is not a positive trait. Lochte is facing the lessons harshly, as he is surrounded in negativity after such a successful swim in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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