Tuesday August 23, 2016 Top 5 News Stories to Start Your Day

It’s Tuesday, not close enough to celebrate the end of the week but it is just 1 day away from hump day. In campaign news, Trump seem to soften his approach but it lasted for about a minute. Is it a flip flop, we will have to wait and see? Here is a challenge for everyone, let’s try to reach out and perform 1 act of kindness today. It could change someone’s day and even your own. Here are your top 5 to start your day.


  1. Donald Trump, Republican nominee for President, denies he has softened his stance on illegal immigration and deport millions of undocumented people if he is elected to the White House. Trump’s new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway had alluded on Sunday to a change of position when she was asked when Trump would create his deportation force to which she responded to be determined.

  1. President Obama is scheduled to tour the flood ravaged state of Louisiana today. The President has faced criticism for not cutting short his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to visit Louisiana sooner.


  1. Hillary Clinton’s email controversy just won’t go away. According ABC News, The FBI uncovered nearly 15,000 more emails and materials sent to or from Hillary Clinton as part of the agency’s investigation into her use of private email at the State Department. The documents were not among the 30,000 work-related emails turned over to the State Department by her attorneys in December 2014.hillary clinton1


  1. The fallout for Ryan Lochte is not over yet. Besides losing the respect of so many, Lochte has also lost the sponsorship of several very large corporations. They are Speedo USA, Ralph Lauren, AirweaveRyan Lochte and Syneron Candela. It is believed that Lochte has lost about a million dollars in endorsements.


  1. In entertainment news, Britney Spears is working to help victims of the deadly flooding in Louisiana. Spears is working with the American Red Cross and CrowdRise to raise money for the victims of the devastating flood in Louisiana. Chances are being sold for $10 apiece and the winner will win the actual costume she will wear on the MTV Music Awards later this month.






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