American Gothic Episode 10 Recap “The Veteran In A New Field”(Spoilers!)

The surprises and twists just keep coming in tonight’s episode. One good turn deserves another this week as the Hawthorne’s move forward. Cam further decides to cut ties with Sophie, Garrett is literally digging up dirt and Madeline is caught in a lie.(WARNING:Spoilers!)

American Gothic Episode 10 Recap “The Veteran In A New Field”

Lies My Mother Told Me

Tonight’s show begins with Garrett in prison, explaining to sis Tessa about the mercy-killing of the old man so she knows his ‘murder’ was not related to the SBK investigation. In a warm and fuzzy sister-bro moment, Garrett also reveals that he is happy about Christina’s pregnancy. They mend their brother-sister relationship and later, Tessa attempts to get in touch with Christina for Garrett, but isn’t able to. We’re not sure if she’s taken off or staying clear of Garrett.

Brady now throws into the already complicated mix the fact that he’s thinking that the murder of Jenny Windham was done by a copycat killer and not the real SBK. And Detective Brady just can’t get unstuck on the notion, Garrett is the killer.

As Alison tries to clear her name in the reporter’s death, she discusses the circumstances of what she knows of Jenny Windham with Brady, disclosing the photo she had of Mayor Connelly with Detective Cutter.

Our nagging suspicions that the mayor was the SBK can be put aside, at least temporarily. When Alison and Brady team up to find out what the deal was with Cutter and the mayor, they find another tape- Jenny Windham was a regular bugging maniac! When they listen to it, they hear Detective Cutter talk about destroying evidence. Brady gets hold of the mayor and Cutter later and discovers that years ago the mayor paid a rookie Cutter a tidy sum to destroy the evidence of a lost cuff link at the scene, that would lead to him. (Isn’t this corruption in the force?) Mayor Connelly swears that yes, he had been at the scene of the first murder, lost his cuff link, but was innocent- only having had an argument with David Morale and then he left. He admitted to Brady and Alison that this was the purpose of the meeting that Jenny photographed in the car with Cutter. He also admitted that he has an alibi for that night.

Cutter tells Brady that working this case is really a conflict of interest for him- because of his connection with the family. Or is she hiding a lot more and just wants him out of the way? This ‘conflict of interest’ concept is taken further, later, when Brady is talking to an FBI agent on the case and the agent realizes Brady’s married to a Hawthorne and asks him to take a leave of absence.

We are treated to quite a few scenes of mom Madeline walking about in her cavernous mansion this episode. She hears something upstairs and goes up only to find 4 belts layed out in a neat row on the couch. One for each child of hers?

Tessa also hears Madeline speaking on the phone to the FBI Agent who has taken photos of the funeral for clues. We hear her saying that “He never should have been there!”

Tessa later finds out that Madeline is referring to Caleb O’Connor, the old flame that mom had admitted she had had an affair with and whom was beaten by Mitch because he was jealous. Tessa and Alison decide to meet with him.

They find out a few things about the relationship. They learn that the two were high-school sweethearts, that they had a hard time ending it and that Mitch did not drag his body down that Hawthorne staircase. As a matter of fact, the entire fight took place outside. So Madeline was caught in a lie, leaving us wondering just how many other ‘tangled webs’ she weaved. And so we wonder, “Who was that body that was dragged down the stairs?”

The Cam Camp

Cam tells Uncle Garrett that Jack has taken a shine to him and would he mind showing up at the Boston History Night where Jack will be giving a presentation. This project of Jack’s gives us an opportunity to see the close relationship Jack shares with his mom, Sophie. To her credit, she actually pulls herself together for Jack long enough to help him with said project at home and on stage. The whole family is there and we see that Brady is still keeping a close eye on Garrett- Thought you were off the case, Detective Brady?

Cam, who has been smiling and chatting a good deal with nurse Amy, has been trying to decide whether to go for sole custody of Jack. This comes after Madeline points out that in view of Sophie’s addiction it may be a good idea. But later, when Cam is with Jack and Jack asks for money for “candy”, and he comes back with a box of candy that includes a heroine bonus, Cam does not have to wonder anymore. He sees that Sophie has been using Jack to buy her drugs. He makes up his mind to use the evidence as a weapon to get sole custody of Jack.
Then, in a scene worthy of an Emmy nomination, Sophie screams and cries for Cam to reconsider. This leaves us with a little nagging thought- is she going to try to extract revenge? She’s already fuming over Cam’s nicey-nice with Amy.

Final Scenes

Cut to Garrett, in a down-home country store buying a grain sorting or grinding machine- (Why not? He’s always wanted one?) Next, he is digging a large whole in the middle of the field-(Here’s where the American painting reference to the Veteran in a New Field comes in). Soon he is digging up soil and comes upon a human skeleton. “Who is it?”, we rightfully wonder. And now we understand the purpose of the grain sorter or whatever it is- as Garrett dutifully throws the remains in the machine and turns it on…b-r-r-r-crunch!

Out of nowhere bounds Detective Brady, who must have been on Garrett’s tail for a while-gun in hand.
He tells Garrett to stay where he is and not to move…ta-dum! And that’s it for this week!

This week’s burning questions:

Who’s the body that Garrett dug up?- It’s not the old man because we watched as the rangers took him away, while Garrett hid in the woods.
And who’s the body that was dragged down the stairs now that we know Madeline lied about it being her lover, Caleb?
Who was the young Garrett referring to when he said to his mom all those years ago,”He tried to kill me?”
Whatever happened to Phyllis the neighbour and her patch-tailed cat?
Where’s Tom and the twins this week?
Who’s messing with mom Madeline this week, planting silver bells in her purse and displaying belts? Someone that knows she knows, is who.

Food for thought:

Could someone outside the family have planted the DNA? Couldn’t it have been someone close to the family, who was either working with another outsider or a member of the Hawthorne family? In this respect, I find Sophie, Tom , Madeline’s mom and Detective Cutter suspect- they all seem shady to me.

The person I suspect most in the family is Alison because the writers are pointing too hard at Mom and 
Garrett, although, I know those two are covering something up. Cam seems sincere and too fun-loving to have a dark past and actually so does Tessa- which right now is making me re-consider both of them. The plot just thickens and we’ll discuss more next week.

Who dunnit?

Who do you think the SBK is? Please let me know in the comments below.

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