On This Day in History: September 9

On September 9, England and Scotland were at war once more. This time it was the Battle of Flodden. Here is a look at events and birthdays from today in history.

1087: Death of William the Conqueror

William the ConquerorWilliam the Conqueror was King of England from 1066, after defeating Edward the Confessor’s named heir Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings. His reign was short-lived. He was called to war in France in 1087, where he died. It’s unclear whether he died of an illness or injury, but he had been taken to Saint Gervase’s priory at Rouen. He was eventually buried at Caen—where he wished—after everyone hurriedly left his deathbed without organizing his burial. There were further problems, with successful claims of the church being on illegal lands and the king being too large for his tomb. People forced his body into the tomb, bursting it! The tomb has been destroyed on various occasions and his body no longer lays there after his bones were scattered and lost.

1513: The Battle of Flodden/Death of James IV of Scotland

On this day in history, the Scottish and the English met on the battlefield once more. It was just four years after Henry VII’s death, and his son-in-law King James IV of Scotland broke the Treaty of Perpetual Peace. This was all due to King Henry VIII invading France, meaning Catherine of Aragon had to act as the leader of troops. She successfully led the army and defeated the Scots, killing James IV at the Battle of Flodden. He would become the last monarch to die on English soil in such a way.

1776: The United Colonies Becomes the United States

The Continental Congress renamed the United Colonies on September 9, 1776. The country officially became known as the United States of America. The name was based on wording in the Declaration of Independence, and reflected the reality that a group of colonies had become a country in its own right.

Famous Birthdays on September 9James IV of Scotland

War and Peace author Leo Tolstoy

Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency opponent Alfred M. Landon—1887

KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders—1890

Pearl Harbor’s second wave leader Shigekazu Shimazaki—1908

History Pulitzer Prize winner Bernard Bailyn—1922

Poet Sonia Sanchez—1934

Four Weddings and a Funeral actor Hugh Grant—1960

Nashville actor Charles Eston—1965

Singer songwriter Michael Buble—1975

Country singer Hunter Hayes—1991


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