UN and US Cite Concerns After Nuclear Test in North Korea

North Korea claimed it tested its fifth nuclear warhead on Friday morning, September 9, 2016, shortly after President Obama completed his tour of Asia and attendance at the ASEAN Summit. The bomb, which North Korea claimed is its most powerful yet, has world leaders concerned.

South Korea first reported it had recorded an earthquake of 5.3 magnitude near North Korea’s previous nuclear testing sites; later, North Korea announced its underground test, terming it a test “aimed at further developing the miniaturisation of nuclear warheads so they could be mounted on ballistic missiles” in the official statement. In the past, North Korea has stated its mission is to be able to strike targets in the United States.

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Reactions from United Nations, U.S. And around the World to North Korea’s Latest Nuclear Testing

President Obama called the nuclear testing by North Korea a “grave threat,” announcing that the U.S. Would work together with the UN Security Council to implement measures already in place and impose new sanctions against a nation Obama has said should not have nuclear capabilities.

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, also stated he was relying on that body’s Security Council to work together and take appropriate action in the escalating situation.

China, North Korea’s only ally, albeit a powerful one, has said it will lodge a diplomatic protest against North Korea’s nuclear testing and advise the nation to stop such activities. Japan called North Korea an “outlaw nation in the neighborhood.” Russia warned North Korea to cease and desist and to follow all the resolutions set out for it by the UN. France indicated it would be imposing new sanctions and South Korea said its northern neighbor is on a path to self-destruction.

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