Sunday, September 11th, Top 5 Stories to Start Your Day

It is September 11th so to write about the top 5 news stories is not what this writer will do today. Do you remember where you were when the first plane hit the World Trade Center? Today marks the 15th Anniversary since that awful day that changed the world forever. When journalists write a story it is done so to inform with0ut putting themselves into the story. Today is different for me. Instead of 5 top stories I would like us all to take a moment and remember that fateful day and the loss of life that occurred. Most of all, I want everyone to remember how all Americans put their political differences aside to pull together to truly be the United States of America. There wasn’t Republicans or Democrats, there was only Americans.

Take a moment today to honor those who lost their lives that day. On Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, we take time to honor his work by working on the public good. Painting schools, cleaning a park, feeding the homeless are just some of the events people partake in on MLK day. Why not make today, the anniversary of September 11th, to honor those who gave their lives trying to save others? Connect with an elderly neighbor, bring sandwiches to a homeless shelter or fly your American flag proudly.

Just take a moment today to remember. Remember what it was like when we all put aside our political agendas and just cared about each other as Americans.

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