Crazy and Classy iPhone 7 Cases: All the Rage!

Since the birth of the iPhone 7 just recently, an even cooler range of iPhone cases are gracing today’s trending market. The iPhone 7 is basically dust-resistant and water-resistant but to date, they are not shatterproof.

Crazy and Classy iPhone 7 Cases: All the Rage!

Keeping your iPhone chilled

Enter a virtual plethora of chic, crazy and classy iPhone 7 cases, that are perfect to keep you “covered” or show off your personality. The myriad of designs available are keeping everyone very busy choosing the one they like best.

The celebrated iPhone 7 has been highly anticipated, expected to weigh in a little larger than its predecessors, have an improved camera, stereo sound, better battery life, and more. It also boasts no headphone jack. Apple tells us the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, announced on September 7, are the very best iPhones the company has ever created.

And now there’s a line-up of fabulous and fancy new cases! Everything from dark blue with butterflies, a Sonix sushi case, a Kate Spade champagne-inspired case called “New York Pop Fizz Clink Rose Gold Case,” a Rifle Paper Co. Mint Birch Case, a chill-pill case, the eat-sleep-game iPhone case and the list goes on.

So, it appears that in the case of your spanking brand new iPhone 7, it may be a fun idea to take a peek at these unique cover designs and see which one would suit your lifestyle and protect your new investment.

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