Friday September 23, 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

Friday September 23, 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day


The majority of our news in this country right now how we are still a country divided over race. We have chaos breaking out in North Carolina for the third straight night. The officer who shot and killed an unarmed black motorist is now charged in his death but is it enough? Donald Trump is telling the world that African Americans are living in poverty with schools that are archaic and telling the African Americans, “what the hell do you have to lose” by voting for him. Yet, we have the other side of the coin with our own President is African American, college graduation rates for African Americans continued to increase and yet there is still institutional racism abound. Can we do better? We have to do better. The talk of the future is here right now. Conversation is a starting point but we have to do better.


  1. Friday night saw the demonstrations in Charlotte North Carolina, were calmer than those on the last two nights. On Wednesday and Thursday, protesters had smashed storefront windows, looted businesses and thrown objects at police, prompting officials to declare a state of emergency and the city’s mayor to enact a curfew. Keith Scott, 43, who was shot dead by a black police officer in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Tuesday afternoon. Thursday evening, Scott’s family viewed the videotape of the Mr. Scott’s death and has asked the city to release the tape to the public


  1. In Tulsa Oklahoma, Officer Betty Shelby has been charged with felony manslaughter in the first degree, according to Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler. Shelby is charged in the death of 40-year-old Terence Crutcher after his SUV stopped in a roadway last week. The video of the shooting shows that Crutcher had his hands up but was still shot by Shelby.


  1. The Pentagon announced Thursday that ISIS had used mustard gas against American troops in Iraq. The use of chemical weapons has been banned since the Geneva Protocol in 1929. There were no injuries to US troops in the missile attack on the base.


  1. According to USA Today, “An 18-year-old accused of trying to join the Islamic State will appear in federal court Friday after a grand jury indicted Akram Musleh on charges of attempting to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization.”


  1. Donald Trump on Thursday condemned attacks on officers in the wake of the Oklahoma and North Carolina police shootings of African American men. “Crime and violence is an attack on the poor and will never be accepted in a Trump administration.” He also stated that “the violence against our citizens, and our law enforcement, must be brought to an end.”


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