On This Day in History: September 23

On September 23, crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace, after King George VI of Great Britain went through surgery to remove part of his lung. Here is a look at the events and birthdays from today in history.

951: Otto I the Great Becomes King of Italy

NeptuneDuring the 900s, the Italian thrown was largely disputed. This was especially the case during the later years of the century, when Berengar II became king. Otto I and his son advanced on northern Italy in September 951, and Berengar II fled. By the time Otto got to the capital Pavia, the king had abandoned and the city welcomed Otto in. He become the King of Italy—already the King of Germany—on that day, with his coronation taking place three weeks later.

1846: Neptune Discovered

While at the Berlin Observatory, Johann Gottfried Galle discovered the eighth planet in the solar system. However, it was Urbain-Jean-Joseph Le Verrier who worked out the distance from the sun and had started the search for it based on disturbances to Uranus due to gravity. The planet was watched for 24 hours to make sure it wasn’t just a star. It took 143 years for the first human spacecraft to visit the planet.

1951: King George VI Undergoes Lung Surgery

People gathered outside King George VI’s home, Buckingham Palace, after he received lung surgery to remove part oGeorge VIf the organ. The operation was carried out in the palace, with doctors deciding on the Friday before the operation Sunday that it was necessary. His wife Elizabeth remained in the palace the whole time, so she would be the first to hear of any news. It was later revealed that he had lung cancer, and he lived for another five months, dying at the age of 56. In February 1952, the British throne passed to his elder daughter Elizabeth.

Famous Birthdays on September 23

First Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar—63BC

First female United States presidential candidate Victoria Claflin Woodhull—1838

Civil rights advocate Mary Church Terrell—1863

The New Republic Magazine co-founder Walter Lippermann—1889

Physicist Clifford G. Shull—1915

Rhythm ‘n’ blues singer Ray Charles—1930

Singer/songwriter Julio Iglesias—1936

Singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen—1949

Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander—1959

NASCAR driver Reagan Smith—1983


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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