On This Day in History: September 24

On September 24, the Mormon Church made a major decision to help the religion continue to be practiced. Here’s a look at the events and birthdays from this day in history.

1848: The Death of Branwell Bronte

Branwell BronteBranwell Bronte is the least known of the Bronte siblings, partially due to his untimely death. He was just 31 years old when he died of tuberculosis. His illness has been attributed to his addition to alcohol and drugs. It marked a devastating path for the Bronte line, as his more successful sisters Anne and Emily died within the next few months, both of tuberculosis. Only Charlotte Bronte survived, although she would die young due to complications during pregnancy.

1890: Polygamy Renounced By the Mormon Church

The Mormon Church had to make a decision: either renounce polygamy or face confiscation of the sacred temples. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made the difficult decision to tell all to follow the nation’s anti-polygamy laws. While not all men and no women were allowed to marry multiple people, it was viewed as a right and there were thoughts that it would destroy the religion. The actions didn’t affect current polygamous marriages, and it wasn’t until 1904 that the practice was disavowed in front of Congress. While some fundamentalist groups continue to practice it, it is a practice that can lead to excommunication.

1996: Two Books Published By Stephen KingMormon Polygamist Arrests

Two of Stephen King’s books were published on this day in history; one under his own name and one under the penname Richard Bachman. The books were called Desperation and The Regulators. More than 300 million copies of King’s books have been sold to date. He continues to write and release novels and only gives autographs during book tours.

Famous Birthdays on September 24

Game of Chance author Gerolamo Cardano—1501

Gothic novel genre creator Horace Walpole—177

Neon light inventor George Claude—1870

The Great Gatsby author F. Scott Fitzgerald—1896

Soviet Union President Konstantin Chemenko—1911

Muppets and Sesame Street creator Jim Henson—1936

Photographer and activist Linda McCartney—1941

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman “Mean Joe” Greene—1946

Actress Jessica Lucas—1985

England rugby player Owen Farrell—1991


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