‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: ‘Chapter 3’

American Horror Story: Roanoke is getting weirder by the week. This week finally had some sort of explanation for the colonial ghosts, but didn’t quite give us all the information we needed to put all the pieces together.

Caution: there are spoilers for American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 3. If you haven’t watched it yet, you have been warned.

We picked up where we left with “Chapter 2.” Flora is missing and the Millers and Lee call in the police. While the sheriff admits that he can’t explain yet another instance, he does help put together a search party. Plenty of volunteers come—we don’t really learn from where—to search the forest for Flora.

When Lee comes across a pig’s head with the body of Flora’s doll on the ground, she calls for Matt. Both of them and Shelby follow the trail, finding more pig parts and doll parts along the way to an abandoned farmhouse. It belongs to the hillbillies, but they have gone and it looks like they left in a hurry and without a care in the world.

The Millers and Lee come across two boys belonging to the hillbilly family. Those boys are covered in dirt and feeding on a pig, which does now explain all the pig parts. The only thing anyone can do is get the boys to the police station to find out where their family has gone. But the boys can’t say anything except “Croatoan.”

While at the police station, Mason turns up and just wants to find his daughter. The police are certain that the hillbillies have taken her but they’ve gone and they don’t have a trail. It’s back to the search.

For the Millers and Lee it is back to the house. While there, Mason jumps to the conclusion that Lee has hidden her somewhere to abduct her. He storms out and the rest go to bed. It’s not long until they’re woken by Matt’s phone. The police have found a body.

This body has been burnt to a crisp on a wheel. Just by the look of a ring, Lee knows that it is her ex-husband. The police don’t accuse her of anything yet, but Matt and Shelby see the two missed security alerts on the computer. Lee had left the house shortly after Mason and returned four hours later. Did she have something to do with his death?

That plot point is quickly forgotten about as they get a visit from Cricket. Fans of American Horror Story quickly recognized him from Season 3 Coven. Cricket also mentioned that he was in New Orleans when he heard about the case of missing Flora, which just happens to be the setting of Season 3. So far, the theory that each episode connects to each season of the same number is right.

Moving on, Cricket tells the family that Flora is still alive. After searching the house, he finds her hiding spot from “Chapter 2,” which now has just a bonnet that belongs to Pricilla. He tells the family that Pricilla hasn’t hurt Flora, but wants to play with her. He calls out to Pricilla to tell the ghost child that she can’t have her.

To try to converse with Pricilla to find out where she is, they get a visit from Kathy Bates’ character, nicknamed The Butcher. After The Butcher scares the Millers, Cricket says that he knows Flora is still alive and knows where she is. He’ll take them to her for the generous sum of $25,000. Of course, they’re not willing to pay and threatening him but that doesn’t get anyone very far. Matt kicks Cricket out of the house, and as he leaves he whispers something to Lee.

It turns out that Lee has been through this before. Her older daughter Emily went missing when she was four years old. Lee had left her in the car while she went shopping and came back to an empty car.

Well, mentioning Emily gets Lee to pay up the money that Cricket wanted. It’s then that he tells her all about the ghost story of Roanoke. Lee has heard the story before, but tells him that it’s just a story and has nothing to do with The Butcher. That’s where she’s wrong, though. It turns out that the colony of Roakoke moved inland to where the house is today.

The Butcher is actually called Thomasyn White and was the wife of John White. After John returned to England for backup, Thomasyn was left to lead the colony. There was an uprising after she refused to allow them to move inland, and she ended up being left in the woods for dead.

After days of no food or water, she is almost eaten by a large, squealing animal. But a woman shows up and kills the creature instead. It’s none other than the creepy, weird witch played by Lady Gaga. Gaga’s character—let’s call her creepy woman for now—tells Thomasyn to give up her soul and eat the heart she has in her hands. After being starved for two days is it any surprise that Thomasyn gives in?

Thomasyn finds the men who overpowered them and uses a meat cleaver to kill two of them. She is willing to spare the life of her son, as long as he repents and begs her for mercy. He also has to abide by her rules forever.

Back in the present day, the Millers and Lee follow Cricket back into the forest. They come across Thomasyn and some of her “muscle,” where Lee and Cricket promise that they will leave. Lee even says that she will burn down the house so nobody will live there again. Shelby is dead against that, but it turns out that Matt agreed with it.

As Shelby turns to question Matt, it turns out that he has wandered off. We know this can’t end up well—and the “real” Matt explains that he doesn’t remember the actions that took place next. When Shelby does find Matt, she sees him having sex with the creepy woman, with what looks like two of the hillbillies watching.

Shelby has had enough. The “real” Lee explains that Matt returned to her and Cricket confused, but Shelby had just gone. When they get back to the house, they find two police cars there with Shelby standing by the door. As Matt learns of what he did, Lee is arrested and put in the back of the police car. It’s easy to guess that Shelby decided to show the police the security footage and Lee is being arrested in connection to Mason’s murder.

That’s where we leave it for this week. If the theories are right, American Horror Story: Roanoke “Chapter 4” will include a link to Freak Show, likely in connection to the Mott family. We can only speculate for now.

The good news is that we’ve finally learned a little more about this version of the Roanoke storyline. It’s not the same as the legend told in American Horror Story: Murder House but it is an interesting take. Now it will be interesting to see how they died and who the creepy woman really is–is she the devil or somehow connected to another series of AHS?

There are still many questions, including now that Shelby is clearly not sticking to the agreement to leave the land, so what will this mean for her and Matt? And where is Flora?

American Horror Story Season 6 continues on Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

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