New Pravana Blonde Wand is Magic for Hair Lightening

Shazzam! Now you can use the revolutionary new Pravana Blonde Wand for quick hair lightening. Launching on October 1, and like magic, the wand promises to lighten your hair in minutes!

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Blonding Just Got Easier!

Pravana, already known for it’s daring hair colour dyes has innovated a flat-iron type gizmo that will process hair dye so quickly and so gently that it will decrease the damage caused by over- processed hair. Pravana’s innovative ‘blonding’ device will be released to salons October 1st. Here’s how it will work: The colorist would initially apply their Pure Light Creme Lightener, specifically developed for use with the wand- and then place foils just like they did before. But then, here’s where the magic would begin- the colourist would then start gliding the wand over the foils, not coming into contact with the hair follicles. Colourists would then pass the wand over that specific foil as many times as it will take to lighten the strand to their client’s desired preference- just like magic!

The result is quick-as-‘lightening’ (excuse the pun) ‘blonding’ in less time for each foiled strand compared to the usual process that takes up to 45 minutes!

An article in said that in an Instagram teaser showing how the process works, the caption read,”Record speed lightening that actually leaves the hair in better condition. Trust us, we’ve done the research.” How does passing a flat iron style wand over the coloured and foiled hair NOT damage the strands? It works because the device hovers over the area without touching it and is a good inch above and below each foiled strand. The ventilated blades dispense just enough heat for adequate processing.

“Flat irons go up to 440 degrees,” says Pravana director of marketing Irene Seferian. “This emits nowhere near that level of heat.” And because the process uses fast passes of calibrated heat applied to each, overall lifting time is significantly reduced. Basically, it applies more concentrated heat to each section, as opposed to your entire head going under a dryer.”

This is exciting news for those with any blonde ambitions– and as said in the Huffington Post, “could be the biggest thing to happen in blonding……ever!”

Pravana boasts that their Blonde Wand will be able to lighten hair, (with the dye already on) up to seven levels in only ten seconds and for those that have sat in salon chairs for hours to get desired results- that’s definitely magic!

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