‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Episode 2 Recap: ‘Catastrophe and the Cure’

Grey’s Anatomy fans were left last week wondering what would happen to Alex Karev. The fan-favorite found himself in jail after confessing to beating up DeLuca. Sneak peeks of this week’s episode showed the prosecution aiming for him to be charged with a felony rather than a misdemeanor. Here’s a look at what happened.

Caution: There are spoilers in this Grey’s Anatomy recap. If you haven’t watched the episode yet and don’t want to know what happened, don’t read!

Instantly, it looked like everyone was against Karev except Meredith Grey. She is his person and this is arguably why the two should never get together, as much as some fans would love to see it. They need this friendship more than a relationship.

Despite everything going on, Karev is allowed to go into work and goes on his rounds. It then very quickly goes into the court case, where the prosecution wants him to face a felony for assult in the second degree. Karev’s defense lawyer isn’t happy but the judge just wants to hear a plea. Karev pleads not-guilty, so it has to go to trial.

Meredith goes back into work, where she has to listen to her half-sister’s sex dreams involving Dr. Nathan Riggs. Meredith is still brushing off Riggs’ advances, but keeps lying to her half-sister about his feelings—and she promised never to lie to Maggie again! Oh and things are not made any easier when Amelia surprises Owen that she has invited Riggs to the home for a dinner party to ease some tension, and Maggie, Meredith, and Jo are all invited, too. Could this get any more awkward?

Maybe it could since Meredith hasn’t made things easier at work. While seeing DeLuca in the elevator, she stands up for Karev and threatens the poor guy who has suffered the abuse. Meredith wants DeLuca to realize that Karev is sorry and made a mistake. It turns out that DeLuca’s career hasn’t been ruined after all, and Meredith thinks he should concentrate on surgeries more than anything else.

While all this goes on, April and Jackson get some good news. Harriet is healthy and is allowed home, but April needs to remain in the hospital because that kitchen-knife surgery hasn’t fully healed yet. April continues to tell Jackson that all she wants is to make sure the baby is healthy and fed. He owes her nothing more.

We all remember that awkward Penny dinner party from Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, and the good news is that the dinner date isn’t quite as awkward. Amelia finally accepts that Riggs and Owen will never be friends, and Meredith tells Riggs that Maggie wants to ask him out but he will politely say no. And then there’s the issues between Meredith and Jo, as they argue over who deserves more sympathy: Karev or DeLuca.

Things aren’t made any easier when Jo runs into Karev outside the house. Before they can talk, Karev’s pager beeps. Yes, he is allowed back at work while on bail until his trial. We’d already seen him reunited with young Zach, who is waiting for a kidney. Zach was bought back in with abdominal pains and Karev had promised to check on him each hour. Of course, Karev’s court case was more pressing and that led everything to this point, where Zach needs more surgery and it turns out that his appendix has ruptured.

Karev isn’t back at the hospital in time. Bailey tells Karev that he is off the case because the kidney transplant is the big concern right now. Meredith scrubs in on the surgery, and offers DeLuca the chance to scrub in too, which he of course accepts.

While the surgery is a success and Zach gets to keep his new kidney, Bailey is disappointed in Karev’s failure. How did he come so far from the young intern and resident that he was? Rather than completely fire him, she puts him in the clinic and bans him from surgery for the time being. While drowning his sorrows with Meredith, he does admit that it is the right thing to do at the moment. See, he has come a long way from the head-strong intern that he once was!

Maggie joins in with the commiserating, as she is turned down by Riggs outside the hospital. He says he’s not ready to date, but Meredith has already admitted to Karev that she slept with Riggs.

Jo returns home with Stephanie, despite saying that she is fine alone. While Jackson takes Harriet back to the hospital to spend time with April. They may be exes, but Jackson wants to help April and suggests that she and Harriet move in with him. April accepts—making all the Japril fans scream with joy.

That’s it for this week. It looks like there is some hope for Karev. Considering how Grey’s Anatomy has worked in the past, it’s likely that DeLuca will forgive Karev and the charges will either be dropped or lessened so Karev can remain in the hospital. After all, Izzie got to keep practicing after cutting Denny’s LVAD wire and stealing a heart!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 continues on Thursdays at 8pm on ABC.

[Featured Image from the Grey’s Anatomy “Catastrophe and the Cure” promo YouTube clip above]

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