On This Day in History: October 5

On October 5, the trial against one of Britain’s most controversial monarchs took place. Here’s a look at the events and famous birthdays from history today.

1568: The Trial Against Mary, Queen of Scots Begins

Mary queen of scotsMary was one of Britain’s most controversial monarchs for her marriage choices and Catholic views in a Protestant Scotland. After being locked away in Loch Leven Castle and forced to abdicate in favor of her son the year before, but Mary was able to escape and make her way to England for help from her cousin. The Scottish lords against her moved south and the Conference of York against Mary, Queen of Scots started on this day in history.

1953: Yankees Win Fifth World Series In a Row

The New York Yankees took their fifth World Series in a row today in history, after defeating the Brooklyn Dodgers. It was the first time that a team had won five years back to back, and it was clear from the beginning that this was the Yankees’ year again. The Dodgers put up an excellent fight, winning the third and fourth games. The game was tied by the sixth game’s ninth inning, but Billy Martin helped to secure the victory.

2011: Death of Steve Jobs

In 2011, the world learned that Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, had died. He was just 56 years old. His death wasn’t a complete shock, as he had been public about his battle with pancreatic cancer. Despite being co-founder, Jobs had left the company in 1985. He returned around a decade later and worked his way up as CEO, where he helped to bring Apple back from the brink of bankruptcy. He was later able to introduce the iPod, iPhone, and iPad to improve Apple shares. He remained in the position until August 2011, when he decided to step down. He was in his Palo Alto home at the time of his death.

Famous Birthdays on October 5

President of the United States Chester A. Arthur—1830

Rocket scientist Robert Goddard—1882

The Hard Life writer Flann O’Brien—1911

University of Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer—1937

Band Aid founder Bob Geldof—1951

Hellraiser director Clive Barker—1952

Original Kings of Comedy member Bernie Mac—1957

Golfer Laura Davies—1963

BBC Journalist Nick Robinson—1963

Titanic actress Kate Winslet—1975

The Social Network actor Jesse Eisenberg—1983

Rugby player and Welsh captain Sam Warburton—1988

YouTuber Chrissy  Chambers—1990


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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Mary, Queen of Scots: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary,_Queen_of_Scots#/media/File:Mary_Stuart_Queen.jpg

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