From Jackets to You-Name-It- Denim Blues are Big Again!

Denim never really goes out but there are times when it is more in, and this Fall is one of them. From jackets to dresses to cool coats- denim blues are big again!

  From Jackets to Everything- Denim Blues are Big Again!

Great unstructured jackets!

The back-to-denim look started gaining momentum in 2015 and is moving right down the line into Fall/Winter 2016.

The denim jacket is leading the fall fashion market and has a slightly new look! Stylists and fashionistas tell us there’s no rules though, and the new take on denim may surprise you. The fit and construction of the jackets may be a little more unstructured but they still have the full character of the classic denim jacket. It can look pampered or punk- anyway you like it. The trend for the jacket may be slightly more roomy but other pieces are a closer fit. Just look for lots of personalization- meaning patches, rips, embroidery, wording, etc.

If you want to have “the blues” this season, here’s great looks to take with you!

It’s all about putting your own signature spin on that denim look. Dark wash or faded, those blues will be seen everywhere. Want to have the savvy on how to wear it? Kristin Anderson from Vogue says to “Opt for offbeat pieces, like a blue jean hoodie or embroidered dungarees with a slip of a tank.”

Denim is also having a huge moment with some fab plus size pieces as well! Huffington Post Canada, relates how Torrid stores are having a unique thing going on with denim and plus sizes this fall. In their #InMyJeans campaign. It is featuring models, bloggers, vloggers, actresses Torrid staff and customers wearing that perfect denim piece. They’re sharing their journeys and struggles finding the perfect fit and the joys when you do–something we can all relate to.

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