‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ Recap: Season 6 Episode 4 ‘Chapter 4’

My Roanoke Nightmare continued in American Horror Story: Roanoke this week. “Chapter 4” delved further into the history of the house and the colony of Roanoke.

Caution: This article contains spoilers for American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 4. You have been warned.

This week picked up somewhat where last week left off. Matt was back in the house, but was arguing with Shelby over what had happened in the woods. After he breaks down about not remembering, Shelby finally accepts that something strange happened and that he definitely had no recollection of the events.

Once all that is done, Shelby goes upstairs to presumably take a shower. When she opens the shower curtain around the bath, she comes face to face with the pigman. Cue the “Maaattt,” as she runs out of the bathroom and to the stairs, where piggy is waiting for her. Matt gets to her, but there’s not much he can do against this strange creature. It looks like something bad is going to happen, when Elias Cunningham suddenly jumps out and shouts “Croatoan.” Mr. Piggy disappears and it’s time for Shelby and Matt to finally learn the history of the house.

Wait, Elias is still alive? It turns out that he didn’t die after filming that night time footage. He’s been hiding all this time, but still owned the house until property tax time came along and he couldn’t pay the taxes. He wanted to keep the house just to stop any other innocent people buying it, because at least he had done the history into the house. He also shares that “Croatoan” is the safe word in the house. Well, for now it is.

It turns out that the house has seen a lot more death. The first disappearance was in 1792 when Edward Phillipe Mott built the house. Yes, this is the same Mott as the Mott family in American Horror Story: Freak Show, so that’s the Season 4 connection for Episode 4.AHS Croatoan

After Mott, others have seemingly gone missing. It turns out that they’ve all been killed, but the ghosts pick up after themselves and make people go missing instead. The two sister nurses were just some of the latest victims, with an immigrant Taiwanese family being terrorized and killed, too.

So, now the colony wants more blood and the Millers are next. And it won’t be long until the colony gets that blood. All the disappearances have happened the same week: the week of the blood red moon. It just so happens that this week is the current week in the series and the Millers can be killed. Any other week of the year they can just be terrorized.

Shelby and Matt refuse to leave without Flora. They know she is out there somewhere.

Well, it turns out that Elias knows Priscilla and is willing to talk to the young girl to get Flora back. They follow Elias until Shelby spots the witch and goes after her. The witch lures Shelby into the middle of an open space, where three hunters turn up. These were mentioned in passing at one point: they were actually found and had turned their guns on each other because of the ghosts. At least, that’s the story.

As the hunters walk towards Shelby, she screams “Croatoan” but nothing happens. The blood moon cycle has begun and Elias pulls her away. They finally get to where Priscilla is playing. Flora is blindfolded in the middle of the Chen family, the murdering nurses, and Mr. Piggy. Just as Elias is stepping towards Priscilla, a horn blows and arrows are fired—three of them hitting Elias. He drops to the ground dead as the Roanoke people rush in.

Shelby and Matt have no choice but to leave the now-dead Elias and get back to the house. Cricket is waiting for them, telling them that he knows even more.

As expected, The Butcher is mad that the Millers didn’t hold up to the terms of the deal. He has even come across the witch, who is the one with the real power.

AHS Shelby

Cricket even knows more about the lost colony of Roanoke. They made it in-land and survived in the area, but there was a price. Thomyas had given herself over to the witch, but the Roanoke people feared for their souls. Thomyas poisons the people and then kills herself, an act which consecrates the land and binds them all to the area.

When Shelby makes it clear that they can’t leave because of Flora, Cricket tells them that he knows how to stop them. He just has to get to his motel for some supplies. That leads him to his Uber.

The Uber driver almost hits Flora, as she runs across the road and into the woods. Cricket decides to run after Flora. We get a strange interview with Rhett Snow, the Uber driver. He says that Cricket left and didn’t return, so he drove away. There must be more to this guy, because it seems odd that he was included in the “documentary” part as well as the “re-enactment.”

Back at the house, Matt and Shelby wait. Matt tells Shelby to sleep and he’ll wake her if there’s a problem. Of course, he doesn’t. Instead, he wanders off outside to the bunker. There, the witch is waiting for him. She needs him for her urges, but it turns out that there is more to her story, too.

She was an English girl who had stowed away on a ship to the New World. When everyone onboard died, she was blamed and locked away awaiting a trial for witchcraft. She managed to lure her way out of the jail though and ended up becoming the all powerful witch as she mixed old magic with new.

When Shelby wakes up, she is all alone until she realizes that the Butcher and the rest of the Roanoke people are on their way with Flora. She screams for Matt—yet again—and this time he gets out of his trance and runs to her.

The Butcher is about to kill Flora when Priscilla pushes The Butcher. Flora is able to get loose and rushes to Matt and Shelby. Once they get back in the house, they look out to see Cricket has been captured. He is disemboweled in front of their very eyes and that’s where we end.

What is this spell that Cricket knew about and will we get to find out more about it? Is this going to lead to another connection to American Horror Story Season 3? It can’t be a coincidence that the Uber driver was called Snow. Is he a relative of Myrtle Snow from Coven? Is it possible that Myrtle will come along and save the day?

All that and more will come next Wednesday, when American Horror Story: Roanoke continues at 10pm on FX.

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