On This Day in History: October 9

On October 9, Mary Tudor, the younger sister of Henry VIII, became the Queen of France. It would be a title she would hold until her death. Here is a look at birthdays and events from today in history.

1514: Mary Tudor Becomes Queen of France

Mary TudorOn this day in history, Mary Tudor married her first husband. He was the aging King Louis XII of France. Mary asked for her brother to allow her to marry a man of her choosing once the French king died, which he allegedly agreed to as a likely way just to get her to do what he wanted. Mary’s marriage to the French king lasted just three months, when Louis died likely from effects of gout. After finding that she wasn’t pregnant, Mary was allowed to return home. However, the new Francis I of France wanted to arrange a new marriage for the dowager queen. Mary kept the title “Queen of France” despite her next husband being the Duke of Suffolk.

1963: Italians Killed In Landslide

Today in history, more than 2,000 people died after a landslide in Italy. The Diga del Vajont was unable to hold all the water it had and the land slipped out of place. The reservoir crashed down at around 70mph, sending 300,000 cubic feet of water down the mountain side. Waves rose to 300ft above dam level. Longarone was engulfed within minutes, killing all residents. Hundreds more were killed in San Martino, as the water continued. When Mario Pancini was called to answer questions about the location of the dam, he killed himself before his scheduled appearance.

1988: Latvia Calls for Freedom

Latvians entered the capital, Riga, to protest for independence. The Latvijas Tautas Fronte (LTF) led the call for freedom, with crowds attending rallies, services, and conferences. Latvia had become part of the USSR after a secret treaty between the Soviets and Nazi Germany in 1940. Most of the Western World didn’t support it, but it wasn’t until 1990 that the Latvian parliament won a majority vote and was reinstated. A referendum a year later showed the majority favored independence and it finally took placed in September of that year.

Famous Birthdays on October 9

Progressive elementary schools founder Francis Parker—1837

“The father of the modern drugstore” Charles Rudolph Walgreen—1873

Physicist Max von Laue—1879

Actor Jacques Tati—1909

Singer/songwriter John Lennon—1940

C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb—1941

Quantum Leap actor Scott Bakula—1954

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron—1966

Radio host Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld—1974

The IT Crowd actor Chris O’Dowd—1979

Model Bella Hadid—1996


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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Mary Tudor, Queen of France: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Tudor,_Queen_of_France#/media/File:1496_Mary_Tudor.jpg

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